Certified Broadband

See how Cruzio's Gigabit Broadband is up to 100 times faster than today’s average broadband speeds.

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Cruzio Gigabit (1000 Mbps)
Cable (25 Mbps)
DSL (6 Mbps)

Where can I get Gigabit?

If your building is on the map you can already access 100-1000 Mbps speeds!

  • 1200 Pacific

  • 1200 Pacific Avenue
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Cruz Art Center

  • 1001 Center Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • University Town Center

  • 1101 Pacific Avenue
  • Santa Cruz
  • Enterprise Technology Center

  • 100 Enterprise Way
  • Scotts Valley
  • 5900 Butler Lane

  • 5900 Butler Lane
  • Scotts Valley
  • 2030 N. Pacific Avenue Apartments

  • 2030 N. Pacific Ave.
  • Santa Cruz
  • Tannery Arts Center Residential Suites

  • 1030 and 1040 River Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • Tannery Arts Center Studio Complex

  • 1050 River Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • 1010 Fair Avenue

  • 1010 Fair Avenue
  • Santa Cruz
  • University Business Park

  • 2801 Mission Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • Branciforte Plaza

  • 555 Soquel Avenue
  • Santa Cruz
  • Granite Creek Business Park

  • 5619 Scotts Valley Drive
  • Scotts Valley
  • Rittenhouse

  • 101 Church Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • McPherson Center

  • 725 Front Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • Swift Street Courtyard

  • 402 Ingalls Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • Old Theatre Building

  • 104 Walnut Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • 150 DuBois Street

  • 150 DuBois Street
  • Santa Cruz
  • 1205 Pacific

  • 1205 Pacific Avenue
  • Santa Cruz

How do I get my building connected?

Three simple steps:

1. Site survey

Our technicians perform a simple survey of the building to establish eligibility. Generally we need access to our backhaul internet, at least 10 units, a central location to house a small amount of Cruzio networking equipment (usually the shared telco closet is ideal) and relatively modern wiring to each unit - if it was built after 1995 it's likely good to go. If the wiring to each unit isn't capable of handling high-speed broadband, we can recommend local wiring contractors to handle the job.

2. Access letter
Next we need a simple access letter from the owner or property manager. It's a one-page document that grants Cruzio access to the facility to serve tenants. With that, we can begin offering your tenants our high-speed service.

3. Installation
Within 30-60 days our professional installers will connect your building to our high-speed network.

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