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Best Value!

Connect your home or business to the only fiber broadband network built and maintained in Santa Cruz.

50Mbps typical $99/mogo

State-of-the-art secure facilities, right here in Santa Cruz. Fully-redundant fiber connectivity and power.

from $449/mo go

Join thousands of local families, businesses and nonprofits when you build your Web presence with Cruzio.

from $19.95/mo go

VPS 512

512 MB RAM
20 GB Disk space

VPS 1000

40 GB Disk space

VPS 4000

160 GB Disk space

Frequently asked questions about VPS

What is VPS?
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It's a method of dividing up a server so that each user can run their own full-fledged operating system, and each virtual server can be independently rebooted.

What can VPS be used for?
Cruzio VPS allows you to do just about anything you’d do with your own server, minus the hassle and expense. You can: run your own email server, web server, host multiple domains or perform serious Web development and testing. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Is VPS for me?
You'll have a lot more control, but with great power comes great responsibility! With full root access you can definitely mess up your stuff. Then again, you can solve your own dilemmas, and you can always reboot. At $30/month, our intro-level package is great for anyone wanting to get their geek on.

Where are your servers located?
Our VPS servers reside in our state-of-the-art data center in Santa Cruz, featuring redundant power and internet connectivity.

If I go over my bandwidth cap, is all traffic blocked?
No, we won't block any traffic. All our limits are soft. If you go over the cap, we'll contact you with your options. If you're expecting a spike in traffic, call us ahead of time and we'll figure something out. Pricing for additional bandwidth starts at $10.95/month for 500 GB.

What are the hardware specs for the physical server?
Pretty awesome:

Dual Quad-Core 2.5Ghz CPUs
SAS RAID 10 disk array

What distributions do you offer?
Currently we offer the choice of Debian Lenny or CentOS 5.

Can I purchase additional IP addresses?
Yes. $5 per month per IP.

Do you offer backups?
We maintain snapshot backups of all slices taken nightly. These backups are intended to protect customer data against a catastrophic multiple point hardware failure that circumvents the existing redundancy measures in place. These backups may not fully protect certain volatile data groups, notably MySQL or postgreSQL databases. In general, any data that is cached before being written to a file may not be fully protected.

Cruzio strongly recommends that VPS customers take advantage of the backup features in the Virtualmin control panel, which will enable you to create backups on your own schedule and keep them for as long as you wish. Documentation on using these backup features can be found here.

If you need data restored from Cruzio's backups, there will be a minimum single charge of $100 for up to 1 hour of our engineer's time and $49 for each half-hour thereafter.

Do you have redundant internet connections?

Can the VPS be failed over to another physical server or location in case of problems?
This feature will be available soon.

Can I upgrade sometime down the road?
Absolutely. No need to reinstall everything either.

How many domains can I host?
That's a very "shared hosting" question. No limit. It's all yours, do whatever you like!