Welcome to Plume WiFi powered by Cruzio

Welcome to Plume WiFi powered by Cruzio.

Your new Plume hardware comes bundled with the HomePass application. With HomePass you can do things like- change your Network Name and Password, identify and eliminate WiFi blind spots around your house, optimize your network and device performance, enable guest user access, add internet time-outs to specific devices, be notified of network outages, protect your home network with always-on cyber-protection, and more.

Getting set up is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Create a Cruzio Plume Account:

To get started with your newly installed Plume devices you’ll need to establish a Plume account. Click here to enable your Cruzio Plume subscription (Link to the tool Rob/Colin is working on)

Step 2: Download the HomePass Application:

Here is how to get started with the
HomePass app:
– Download the latest version of the HomePass for iOS or Android here
– Log-in with your Cruzio Plume account credentials from Step 1 above

Step 3: Log-in to HomePass

Once you’re logged in, use the menus to access the settings you want to change. The HomePass App has three main tabs at the bottom that provide quick access to the main screens of the app:
    –HomeScreen: This area provides an overview of the current status of the network and provides a high-level view of Guard, Sense, Control, and Adapt.
    –People: This area is where you will manage the users of the network and their control-related functions like Timeouts and Internet Freezes and see which devices are currently logged into your WiFi network
    –Menu & Settings: This area is where all the HomePass features and settings are managed. 

For the best performance, HomePass needs about two days to learn and adapt to your home WiFi behavior. Placement is a crucial component for a great WiFi experience. Be sure to position pods in central locations along the interior walls of your home to take advantage of the pods’ omnidirectional radios.

We recommend one Pod per every 1,000sf. Pods should be spread evenly around the home, especially in rooms and open spaces where it is more common to use WiFi.

Need more help or guidance?

Contact us
Plume Support Documentation  (would suggest internal vs Plume external)
Plume FAQ (add link once published)