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    • Up to 50 Mbps download speeds
    • Stream multiple HD videos
    • Landline phone included
    • Free nationwide calling
    • Caller ID three way calling, voicemail
    • No contracts, no cancellation fees
    • Cruzio's award-winning service & support

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Frequently asked questions about Velocity Broadband

How fast is Velocity?
Speed is highly-dependent on distance from the phone company and line quality, but Velocity can reach speeds of 50+ Mbps depending on your location.

What equipment do I need for Velocity? Can I use my DSL modem?
Velocity requires a PTM-compatible modem. A standard DSL modem will not work with this service. We recommend using a Cruzio modem which will maximize speed, ensure the best possible service and support. There’s no upfront cost, just a low monthly fee and if there is ever an issue we’ll replace it free of charge. If you decide to use third-party hardware, look for a PTM-compatible modem. Please note that we can’t guarantee non-Cruzio hardware will work with our service, and there will be a minimum $25 fee if configuration is required.

Does Velocity come with phone service?
Absolutely! Velocity Internet comes with Fusion phone service. Fusion phone is a traditional land-line service and includes caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling. Plus, Worldwide Calling to over 66 countries is free! Check out our rates page if you’re curious about a specific country. Plus you can manage these features online. Visit to activate your account.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope, Cruzio does not require a contract. No commitment and no early termination fees: you have the flexibility to change your service when you want to.

Is Velocity through AT&T?
Unlike DSL, Velocity does not require AT&T phone service. That’s the great news! You can break up with AT&T and let Cruzio handle all of your communication needs.

Are there any additional taxes and fees?
Each line will be billed certain taxes and fees each month but total price will be around $75. A Cruzio modem costs $9.99/month. For details, see Fusion phone taxes and fees.

Can I keep my existing phone number?
You bet. Depending on your current provider, we may need to issue a temporary number while the transition takes place.

Can I get Velocity without phone service?
No, Velocity Internet and Fusion Phone are only available as a package. Even if you don’t need the phone, most people will save money over other internet-only solutions.

How long will it take to get service activated?
Generally, a new order will activate phone and internet service within 5 to 7 business days. There are some variables that would affect the activation time. If an install is required, service will not function fully until its completion. Moving an existing phone number over from a non-AT&T phone service can take up to an additional 3 weeks after activation to complete, during which time you are provided with an active temporary phone number.

Do I have to cancel my current phone service/Will Cruzio automatically discontinue my phone service with my previous provider?
As a general rule, we always recommend contacting your previous provider to make sure that your service is canceled. Only contact your previous provider to cancel after your Velocity service is activated, not before. Remember, other long-distance services will not work with our Fusion phone service, so you’ll also want to make sure you cancel them. Besides, Fusion phone comes with free unlimited nationwide calling, and Worldwide Calling to over 66 countries is free, so we’ve got you covered!

Will there be any downtime with the switch to Velocity? If so, how long?
There will be a short amount of downtime for both your phone and internet service on the day your Velocity service activates. How long that downtime will be varies depending on your previous provider and quality of phone lines, but generally is no longer than a couple hours. In most cases, phone and internet service is back online with Velocity by 8pm on your activation date.

Are there any monthly caps on the amount of data I can download or upload?
Nope! You can download, upload, and stream as much data as your Velocity line can handle without having to worry about going over any sort of limit or being charged any overage fees. However, if you’re looking to move large amounts of data at faster speeds, you might be interested in our Enterprise Broadband services.