Map showing extent of Equal Access Summits to Sea, Cruzio's grant-funded network: area extends from Half Moon Bay and the Peninsula south of San Francisco, through the Santa Cruz Mountains, through Watsonville and Salinas, down to Monterey

Cruzio’s independent network will be enhanced in the purple area — “from summits to sea”

For over a decade, Cruzio has been building new infrastructure to get badly-needed, reliable high-speed internet to rural, low income, and just plain forgotten parts of our coastal (and mountainous) region.

The State of California has recognized the work we do and earlier this year Cruzio was awarded a grant — $5.65 million! — to extend our network to some of the areas most in need.

If you’re already a Cruzio customer, you may be wondering, that’s great, but how does that help me? 

First of all, some of our current subscribers live or work in the areas covered directly by the grant. There could be a dramatic increase in the availability of high speed connections in your neighborhood. 

Even if you’re not directly affected, this could make a difference to people you know, or love, or work with. 

A better connection could make the difference between shlepping to an office or working from home. Or no longer struggling to maintain a connection on a video call.

And our grant has benefits that will reach everybody, even those who won’t get new services.

Basically, networks thrive on the number of nodes and the quality of all the infrastructure in the nodes and paths. The grant will mean that our backbone will be stronger and our capacity and redundant paths will increase. It will be an easier network to maintain and a faster one overall. We look forward to providing everyone on our network with increasingly better service!