"Cruzio, your internet is McDonald's- We're Lovin' It! #sofast!"

—Woodstocks Pizza

"I have worked with Cruzio to develop alternative Broadband facilities other than those provided by AT&T, Comcast and Charter. Contracts for T1 and above that were initiated only three years ago are now obsolete in the world of cable and fiber optics and (wireless) options coming on line in Santa Cruz County.

I strongly recommend looking at Cruzio when planning your next Broadband installation, they have several alternatives that will cost less and provide more broadband service at a lower cost."

—Ben Post

"Switching to Cruzio's Highspeed Wireless Service has proved to be a good choice for us. Our speed is greater than a T-1 and the price per Mb is much better. Reliability has been at least as good as our T-1 was. I love the speed!"

—Andy Holder
Pajaro Dunes Company & Resort

"I personally have been a customer of Cruzio for over 10 years now, and the personal customer service has always been exemplary. At A & A Organic Farms we have recently converted over to a high speed wireless service and the customer support for the conversion was superb."

—Harold Raphael, Treasurer
A & A Organic Farms, Corp.

"From the beginning, we wanted to make streaming video of the home games available to our fans to build up local support and to show our commitment to the community. Cruzio and Exalt delivered a reliable, high-performance connection between the arena and the core network that enables anyone to watch games on any Internet-enabled device. It's been an extremely successful offering to our fans."

—Jim Weyermann, vice president of new franchise development for the Golden State Warriors and president of the Santa Cruz Warriors. 

"Super great. We're celebrating over here! Everyone's jaws dropped"


"The leaders of Cruzio had the strategic vision to see the potential for re-using a tired old building from the 1960’s.  They have turned a former newspaper publishing plant into a twenty-first century office environment.  The combination of a downtown neighborhood, a dynamic, flexible work environment, and dazzling internet connectivity has drawn a diverse bunch of businesses.  The Cruzio staff managed the demanding rehabilitation project by using their skills as an internet provider to work effectively with the large team of architects, engineers, and contractors.  We were so impressed, we moved our architectural firm into the building."

—Matthew Thompson
Thacher & Thompson Architects

"As a gaming design company, we need a creative and inspiring professional space with world-class connectivity. Cruzioworks provides us all this and more."

—Michael N.Roush
Choice Provisions

"We have been super happy with the datacenter Cruzio has recently built. Our servers have had zero downtime over the past eighteen months of continuous operation. The Cruzio team has been flexible and responsive to our datacenter needs. And you can't beat the downtown location."

—John Roberts, CEO/Founder, X2Engine CRM

"This is just a message of thanks…why didn’t I drop ATT years ago? I am a happy customer and i am recommending Cruzio to EVERYONE i know. Thanks for your great service and your friendly newsletter".

—Steve T

"What a superb group of people you have at Cruzio!  I have been a Cruzio customer for at least 14 years. You’re doing it right.  It's a big deal."

—Giselle T

"We are so pleased with the service we received yesterday from John and Ariel.  What a great tech team.

As usual Cruzio customer service was absolutely supreme! Snazzy continues to be so grateful for our long term partnership with Cruzio."

—Pat S, Snazzy Productions

"In our thoughtful opinion Cruzio.com has the best Front Desk in Santa Cruz!  We'd like to celebrate those who contribute so very much to those who need their counsel and help. We are deeply appreciative. Thanks."

—Dick & Marion V

"Thank you very much for your help. With the aid of your excellent tech support staff, I have successfully set up Thunderbird accounts for both of our Cruzio email addresses."

—Saarin S.

"We really enjoyed the open house last night. Cruzio has made one of the most imaginative contributions to Santa Cruz. Thanks for a wonderful event!"

—Kit A.

"I hate to say this out loud, 'cause I wouldn't want to inspire a re-think about it, but Velocity Internet and phone included in my monthly charge is kicking AT&T's butt!"

—Mark G.

"Cruzio's class on upgrading my website to WordPress was the best move I ever made! My open studios income almost doubled after 18 years of doing it! Thank you!"

—Elaine P.

"I am moving from the area and I will miss Cruzio because you are real people with a real service running a really great business. I wish your service was available where I am going! Thanks for the great experience, it will be hard to beat!"

—Susan K.

"I've always appreciated your hard work and help whenever I had a problem with my computer. Most of all, the friendly, kind responses from folks who are MY NEIGHBORS - that's just so COOL!!"

—Barbara T.

"I've called countless tech support lines. Cruzio staff is the most professional tech support  I have ever spoken with. Thank you for the great service."

—Mike C.

"Just want to note that I'm so happy with Cruzio after being with ATT for way too many years. Y'all are the best :-)"

—Clay H.

"OMG, why have I waited this long to switch over? The speeds are way faster than before over the same lines! Thank you! Cruzio, you have made this transition seamless and your service is absolutely awesome"

—Michael S.

"Thank you, nice job! You folks at Cruzio are the greatest because of the support you give your customers and community."

—Jim S.

"Your hard work has made this customer a very happy and sticky customer."

—Kathy D.

"Thank you, Cruzio! I am so glad to be totally local with you all now for my phone and internet. I am happy!"

—Laurie S.

"I always recommend Cruzio to anyone who asks about organizations who provide good customer service.  The comment I usually receive is "I have heard this before about Cruzio.""

—L. Alecia M.

"Cruzio set up our new Internet connection, we now have Velocity 20! It rocks hard. The staff at Cruzio are really patient and knowledgeable with my questions and got our internet up and running really quickly. Thanks Cruzio!"

—Griffin G.


—Pete K. (after Cruzio's Velocity nearly tripled speeds from his previous ISP)

"I love Cruzio. At 73, it's easy to feel like a klutz around anything but typing on my computer. The staff from Day 1 has made me a comfortable customer."

—Susan D.

"Cruzio's staff has been extremely helpful and informative with helping me set up my email and with other technical questions I had with my two sites hosted with Cruzio. They are very patient and systematically run through all the information. Thanks for being so service oriented!"

—John P.

"I know that if anything ever should go bad, I can call you and you'll help. I love you guys. You're the best!"

—Linda and Oklahoma Sam

"You guys rock and hopefully we'll get down there one of these days and see cast and crew in action. Thanks for all you do and keeping prices reasonable."

—Page & Markus

"Cruzio is a great example of valuing their customers and taking care of anything that needs to be fixed. They understand that some of their customers are not computer savvy. I remain a loyal Cruzio customer."

—Bonnie B.

"We were utterly impressed with the technical abilities and overall brilliance of Rob and Patrick who came out to our address today to install Velocity (which was not w/o its unique issues / problems, which you can ask them about).  These guys are 100% professional. 100% enjoyable to be around (which is no small mention). You are lucky to have them on staff!! We will definitely be recommending your Velocity product whenever we can.  Oh, and thanks too to Rebecca...she was really helpful and efficient and a pleasure to work with.

p.s. we just surfed the web and the speed is dizzying...!"

—Lisa H.P. and Buck V.S.

"I just wanted to take the time to send a note from a VERY happy customer...THANKS!!"

—Barbara T.