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New Window on Cedar Street

The Sentinel building used to be a long, uninterrupted wall of 10″ thick concrete down most of a block of Cedar Street. It had an element of Willy Wonka’s factory: what’s going on inside? You could see the newspaper’s presses through the far window, but other than that all was dark.

When Cruzio, Ecology Action and Joe Appenrodt renovated the building, we opened it up with windows and doors.
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Hope Services & Cruzio Ecycle Numbers are in!

Congratulations to Hope Services for collecting 3455 lbs of e-waste!

Thank you to all who donated their e-waste to Hope Services on July 23! Not only did you help safely recycle your retired electronics, but the waste will be turned into valuable dollars for our important local non-profit, Hope Services. Hope Services’ mission is to provide employment opportunities and assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities. Read the article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.
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Waiting for Harry Potter

It’s the last one.

The last movie from the last book.

The books-on-CD have been made. The author has moved on. It’s our last chance to celebrate this tremendous imaginary world that so many of us love.

Santa Cruz was out in full force. The line in front of the Cinema 9 started on Tuesday for a midnight Thursday show. Photos, starting from the back of the line at about 4 pm.

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Your Cruzio Email

We know email is an important part of your day and how frustrating it can be when it’s unavailable.

If you’ve been affected by Cruzio’s email outages this week, our apologies. To bring our email back online as quickly as possible—and avoid any further outages—we’ve moved our email over to a different server. This will allow folks to send and receive email normally. Any saved emails will temporarily be unavailable, but should be accessible on Friday, 7/15.

We apologize for the unexpected disruption and expect this fix to resolve the issue.

If you want up-to-the-minute updates, you can: follow @cruzio_support on Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed, or check out our Network Status page.

New Tech Meetup, July 6 2011

Cruzioworks hosted a New Tech Meetup session, attended by many of Santa Cruz’s geekiest citizens. The Meetup, headed by David Britton, always has interesting presentations and is a great way to meet other local technologists and see what’s going on in town. If you haven’t already, join at their website  — it’s easy and free of charge.

The speakers:

Shane Pearlman and Hilary Bryant presented their group, the Santa Cruz City Technical Task Force. This committee consists of local technologists from a variety of backgrounds who volunteered to help the City find ways to streamline policies and procedures.
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