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Review: Shakespeare Santa Cruz’s Love’s Labor’s Lost

by: Melody Parker

The Venue

The Festival Glen, the outdoor amphitheater alone makes this play worth seeing. The 8 PM show allows for a beautiful transformation from day to night characteristic of these summer months. I was surrounded by magical giants, redwoods that seemed to protect from harm as well as weather.  The pine scent in the forest grove felt a million miles from the bustle of downtown Santa Cruz.  Where else can you lay on a blanket, sip wine from the bottle, and watch a live performance under the stars? This decadent, romantic setting seems to push the limits of legality, but it remains perfectly legal.
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Matthew Thompson Amid the Rubble

The task of designing the Sentinel Building renovation went to Matthew Thompson, one of Santa Cruz’s most talented and influential architects.

His approach — preserving the brawny beauty of the mid-century modern building while upgrading its function — won the job for his firm.

Here is Matthew dashing through demolished concrete:


And here he is close up:


Boom! Walls come down at the New Sentinel Building

The demolition is happening fast at the New Sentinel building. That means lots of smashing and crashing. We’re opening up windows and doors to let light into the once-dour printing plant. Today Shane called us over to watch some walls fall down — doorways will replace them.

These are 50-year-old 6″ thick concrete walls full of rebar that have been cut straight through, carefully prepped, and today got pushed over with a tremendous bang!
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Before and After Shots: New Windows at the New Sentinel

We start with a manufacturing building in downtown Santa Cruz. Our plan: to recycle and re-use the building for a couple of local organizations (Cruzio and Ecology Action). That means making the building people-friendly. Step one: it’s dark and gloomy inside. We need more windows and doors!

The original parking lot face of the building (notice, no downstairs windows at all):


Here’s what’s happening to that wall (that’s Shane standing in the foreground):
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The Fiber Cut — One Year On…

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the fiber-optic cable cut that left much of Santa Cruz in the dark for more than 24 hours. (Otherwise known as The Great Internet Outage of 2009.) In our debriefing meetings at Cruzio in the days and weeks following the incident we discussed what happened, why it had the impact that it did, and how to make sure it didn’t happen again.

So what did happen?
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