Equal Access Santa Cruz County

Why is this so important?

Equal Access has a simple goal: bridge the digital divide and bring true high-speed broadband to every family in the Santa Cruz community, regardless of income level.
Donations go to the Community Foundation. Our partner organizations select families with the most pressing need, and Cruzio provides them with service, funded in part by donations.
Learn more at EqualAccessSantaCruz.com. And read more about the children EASC is helping right now. With your help, we’ll be extending the service they need to many more folks soon.

“Our focus is to support all students and families with the resources and tools needed to be successful —especially our most underserved students. We focus on equity and are doing everything we can to remove the digital divide from Santa Cruz County. We are thankful for the work Cruzio is doing and has done to make this a reality. With Santa Cruz COE’s and Cruzio’s shared vision towards this work we can truly make a difference for all of Santa Cruz county!”
— Jason Borgen, Chief Technology Officer, Santa Cruz County Office of Education