11/08/2016 2:00pm – [UPDATE] secondary email mailboxes problem

On November 1st, our secondary mail server crashed and mailboxes were unable to 
send and receive email. On November 2nd, our engineers restored the server and all 
the mailboxes that were previously inaccessible were all able to send and receive email.

Any pre-existing email needed to be restored from backups after the server 
restoration. ebold.com, scschop.com, elgatito.com, rattlebrain.com cruziolatino.com, icogitate.com
 have all been restored. calcentral.com skyhighway.com and baymoon.com should be fully restored 

Unfortunately, the passwords to mailboxes on skyhighway.com and rattlebrain.com
 could not be recovered and if you have one of these email addresses, your password 
will need to be reset.

If you able to log in to the primary cruzio.com mailbox, your skyhighway.com or 
rattlebrain.com password can be reset by going to your mail tools here:
http://members.cruzio.com/newadmin/ and logging in as the cruzio.com user.

If you are unable to access the primary cruzio.com mailbox please call us at
 831.459.6301 and we will give you a temporary password which will allow you to log
 in directly and change the password.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.