12/13/2015 @ 7PM – planned fiber maintenance

Cruzio’s backhaul provider is performing scheduled maintenance on the fiber connection between Santa Cruz and San Jose.   This is a planned maintenance and is scheduled to last about 2 hours, and is to resolve the previous recent sporadic outages.  Customers are currently on our backup wireless connection.

If you are currently experiencing much slower than expected download speeds, this is from the current maintenance issue with Cruzio’s connection to the internet and not a localized problem with your own radio or equipment.

This is planned to be resolved by by Sunday at 10PM, 12/13.

Customers that are affected:
– Enterprise and Business Broadband wireless and in-building customers in the Santa Cruz, Seabright, Live Oak, Scotts Valley, Capitola, Aptos, and Watsonville areas
– Colocation customers at 877 Cedar
– Cruzioworks coworking and office customers at 877 Cedar

Customers that will not be affected:
– Enterprise and Business Broadband wireless customers in the San Jose / South Bay areas
– All Velocity customers
– All DSL customers
– All dial-up customers
Thank you for your patience.