9/27/2016 3:55PM – [UPDATE] Loma Prieta fire, possible outage

The Loma Prieta fire cut power to Cruzio’s mountaintop site early Monday evening, and our networking equipment has been running on battery backup power.

Cruzio technicians have been attempting to travel to the site to connect a generator our equipment, however due to safety reasons, CalFire has kept the road closed.

Our battery backup is reaching the end of its capacity, meaning that our wireless networking equipment may run out of battery power between 4PM and 5PM today.  If power is lost, we hope to quickly have service restored once we have the clearance to drive up to mountain top site.  We will hear in the next hour if CalFire will allow escorted traffic to the site.

This will only affect Cruzio Enterprise, Business Broadband, and Dedicated Business Broadband connectivity services in the Watsonville and Aptos areas.  Velocity and DSL services in the above areas will not be affected.