10/31 @ 1:30pm – Weston Rd. / West Wireless Outage

Our technicians are aware of the issue and are investigating the issue.   Currently customers fed from the West portion of Weston Rd. are experiencing an outage, we will post updates as soon as we get them.   We apologize for the inconvenience.   This issue only pertains to our business broadband customers on Weston Rd., all other systems are up and operational.

2014-10-25 6pm – Westen West Outage update

We found some faulty equipment that needs to be replaced. A temporary link has been set up to allow internet access over the weekend. It won’t be as fast, but it will keep things going until the regular equipment can be repaired this week. We apologize for the inconvenience and will be posting again when the equipment is fixed as there may be a short period of downtime while swapping out equipment.

Tues 9/30/14 @ 9:50am – Weston Road Connectivity Problems

We are currently experiencing connectivity problems for our Wireless Business Broadband and legacy Wireless customers in the Weston Road area of Scotts Valley. Cruzio techs are actively working on resolving connectivity problems. These problems will only affect our Wireless customers in the Weston Road area. We will update this status as we have more information.

Update 10:30am – We have Cruzio techs rolling out to the Weston area to do some troubleshooting on the link. More updates as they come in.

Update 1:00pm – Our Cruzio techs have reported back that there was a damaged cable causing intermittent power availability for the Weston area. Our techs have repaired the cable and verified connectivity for all of our Weston Road customers. As of this update all wireless customers in Weston Road are back up and running.

We thank you for your patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

9/25/2014 6:30pm – Account Center down for maintenance

The Account Center may be down for a couple of hours while some upgrade maintenance is performed on our billing server.

Customer tickets will also be down, but this just means any submissions or emails sent in will be queued up until the service is put back online. Since staff won’t be responding to them until morning, this should not have any effect on anyone.

9:30pm – Work has been completed.