Adding a Domain to your Cruzio VPS, Creating a Virtual Server

Requirements and Overview

Before following the steps in this procedure, you must complete the Post Installation Wizard procedure.

To begin hosting a domain name on your Cruzio VPS, you must:

  • Register a domain name, and configure its DNS (Domain Name System) settings;
  • Create and configure a virtual server for the domain name you’ve registered.

Registering and configuring DNS for a domain name

At a registrar of your choice, register a domain name. While still logged into your account at the registrar, configure the domain to use these DNS servers:

  • Primary DNS server:
  • Secondary DNS server:

Creating and configuring a virtual server

  1. Log in to your Virtualmin Control Panel at, replacing clientlogin with the login name you chose when you signed up.

  2. In the top left corner, click Create Virtual Server.

  3. On the Create Virtual Server screen, in the “New virtual server details” section, fill out the requested information:

    Domain name
    The domain name you registered.
    A simple description of the virtual server. This could be as simple as “”. If you’re running a server for a specific task, you may wish to identify it here for ease of tracking.
    Administration password
    A password specific to this domain.
    Server Configuration Template and Account Plan
    Your Virtualmin Control Panel comes with default settings configured. You can create custom templates and plans if you need them.
    Administration Username
    You can allow Virtualmin to auto-generate a username, or you can pick one yourself. (Auto-generated usernames are the domain name with the .com, .net etc. removed.)
  4. Look at the Enabled Features section and see if you need to change any settings in this section. However, for most installations, the default settings in these areas are fine.

  5. If you have specific IP addressing needs, configure the options in the “IP address and forwarding” section.

  6. Click “Create Server.” This process may take a minute or so. Once this process is complete, you should see a drop-down menu in the top left corner with your domain(s) as selectable options.

  7. If you wish to set up email for this domain, please visit our VPS email setup instructions.

For some tips on securing your virtual server, check out this helpful post by Cruzio Consultant Bryan Zimmer: Securing your VPS