Alternative Email Service Providers

If you would like to use a free email service provider, here are some popular ones that we can recommend as alternatives. To sign up, surf to the link provided below and follow the on screen instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Cruzio Customer Service.

Gmail – Surf to
Yahoo – Surf to Click “Create Account.” – Surf to Click “Sign Up Now.”

For more information about these email service providers, please review our table below.

Gmail Yahoo Outlook
  • Yes
  • Opt out in settings
  • Yes
  • Ad-Free for $49.99/year
  • Yes
  • Ad-free for $19.95/year
Mail Storage 15 GB 1 TB
  • 5 GB with ads
  • 10 GB with Ad-free
  • 200 GB at addition $2/month
Support Support Forums Support Articles
  • Encrypted HTTPS Connection
  • SSL/TLS Support
  • Required Outgoing Authentication
  • 2 Factor Verification
  • Account Activity & Login Tracking
  • Enable/Disable Email Images
  • Disposable Addresses
  • Single-use Code
  • 2 Factor Verification
  • SSL/TLS Support
  • Incoming/Outgoing Authentication
  • Can assign trusted devices
Price Free! Free! Free!