Cruzio Mail Help

What is Webmail?

It’s a Web-based email program. That means you can use it to check your email from any computer without having to configure an email program like Outlook. Webmail was designed to handle very large mailboxes efficiently and it allows users to create folders in which to store saved messages.

How do I use Webmail?

To use Webmail, all you need is a computer with a connection to the Internet and a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. To log on to Webmail, log in to Cruzio.

Looking for Cruzio Webmail Help?

Looking for something in particular? Feel free to sign into Webmail,  and click the “help” button in the upper left-hand side

Looking for Hosted Email Help?

Domain Email Help – Domain Email comes with email addresses at your own domain——as part of Cruzio’s Website Hosting services.

Don’t use Webmail?

If you usually check mail on other devices and in other email programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail, we recommend using Cruzio Webmail right now if you’re in a hurry. When you have a little more time, check out our step-by-step instructions for other email programs.