Cruzio Newsletter Help

What is the Cruzio Newsletter?

The Cruzio Newsletter is sent out to all Cruzio members periodically. It contains news and information about our three favorite things: Cruzio Members, Santa Cruz County and the Internet and technology.

How do I subscribe?

Visit the Newsletter subscription page to subscribe.

How do I unsubscribe?

We strongly recommend you don’t! The newsletter is our primary method of communicating important information about new products we’re developing and new promotions that could save you money. It’s also a great way to stay informed about the general state of the Internet. We think about this stuff all day and we love to talk about it!

If you really want to unsubscribe, we make it easy. Just find the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter and you won’t hear from us again.

I’m getting the newsletter over and over! Make it stop!

If you’re receiving more than one copy of the Cruzio newsletter, more than one of your email addresses is subscribed. Just unsubscribe all of your email addresses except one. (The unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter displays which of your email addresses it’s being sent to.) Remember to leave your favorite email address subscribed!