Cruzio Security Policies

Cruzio Security

Cruzio takes every precaution possible to keep your account and your information safe and secure. We also encourage you to learn how to surf the Internet safely.

Use the Internet Safely!

Learn what you can do to keep your personal information and your computer safe.

» follow Cruzio’s Security Tips

Cruzio doesn’t give your information away

We don’t sell, exchange, or share your information with other companies, except the minimum required to partner with other companies to bring you services (see our Privacy Statement for details).

Cruzio has strict rules about giving out even small pieces of information or making any changes to an account. We must see proof of identity or proof of account responsibility before we do so.

Cruzio helps you keep out the bugs

Cruzio’s firewall blocks emails carrying known viruses. In addition, every Cruzio email address comes with a junk mail filter, should you choose to activate it. Read more in our Spam and Junk Mail article.

Cruzio provides security features for your website

Cruzio supplies secure Web space for all Web hosting accounts. Keep your customers secure and confident by letting them know your website uses secure transmission.

You can also protect any directory on your website with a password. Only people you tell the password to can view that part of your website.

Cruzio’s network is protected and monitored around the clock

Cruzio’s servers are kept in two state-of-the-art network operations centers, safe from fire, flood, power outages, thieves, and of course, hackers. Our engineers are on-call 24 hours a day, vigilantly monitoring our network.