Fusion Phone Help

Fusion phone service works like regular phone service: it uses wired phone jacks and works with conventional phones and answering machines. It will continue to work when there is a power failure, and it communicates your address to the 911 system.

Unlimited local and nationwide calling

All Fusion phone lines have unlimited local and nationwide calling. Unlimited nationwide calling applies to all 50 states, plus Guam, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. Phone lines are subject to a “reasonable use” limit of 10,000 minutes per month which works out to a little over six hours a day, every day of the month.

International calling rates are the same for both business and residential lines. Additional taxes and fees related to Fusion phone service are applied on a per line basis.

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International calls

By default Cruzio’s Fusion phone lines have international calling disabled. This is to prevent accidental unwanted charges. International calls can be enabled by contacting Cruzio support or you can manage these features online. Visit https://fusionbroadband.com/login/default to activate your account. Keep in mind that International calls are not free or included in the regular monthly Velocity cost.

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Collect calls, 900 toll calls, long-distance dial-around

  • Fusion phone lines cannot accept collect calls (aka “charge reversal”). As an alternative to collect calling, we recommend arranging for a phone card.
  • No 976 or 900 toll calling. Our systems are not set up to reconcile all the billing involved in these systems, and we understand many of our customers prefer to block these when possible.
  • Related to the unlimited national calling, we cannot support “10-10-321”-style toll dial-around.


Voicemail comes free with your Fusion phone service, as do Caller-ID, Call Waiting, and 3-Way Calling. For details, see the Fusion Voicemail FAQ.

Phone codes

Special features can be utilized on your Fusion phone line by entering certain number codes on your phone. Here are some examples:

  • 0: Operator assistance isn’t available.
  • 211: 2-1-1 provides free and confidential information and referral. Call 2-1-1 for help with food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more. (See California 211)
  • 411: Business information service. This service is free of charge, with an automated voice-responsive system provided by Bing-411.
  • 511: Transportation and traffic information. This is also free of charge, provided by SF Bay Area 511. Use this number to find out the traffic situation in your area.
  • 611: The Line Repair number.
  • 711: TTY relay. A service for the hearing impaired.
  • 811: Call Before you Dig hotline. If you are doing to be doing any digging or excavating, call this number to help insure no wires are cut in the process. See call811.com for details.
  • 911: Emergency Services. This should work as with a normal telephone service; this is not a Voice over Internet Phone product, and your access to emergency services is not reliant on your Internet connection.
  • 933: Emergency Services read-back. Plays a read-back of the address information provided to 911 Emergency Services. You can use this number to verify that 911 emergency services will have the proper phone number and address if you ever need to call for an emergency. This will also verify that 911 is active on your phone line.

Star codes

You can access even more special features on your Fusion phone line by pressing the star key (*), followed by a number code. Here are some examples of what those codes can do:

  • *67: Activate Caller ID Blocking on a per call basis. Dial this code before your outbound call to block your Caller ID for that one call. (If you would like your outbound Caller ID to be blocked by default, please contact Cruzio support.)
  • *69: Last-call return. This feature will immediately dial back the last inbound caller. This feature only works if the last inbound caller has visible Caller-ID information.
  • *72: Call Forwarding. Simply type this number and you will be prompted to enter the phone number you would like your calls forwarded to and press 1 to confirm.. A maximum of two simultaneous calls can be forwarded at any given time. All Cruzio Fusion voice lines support Call Forwarding. You can disable this feature by dialing *72 and pressing 1, or change the forwarding number by pressing 2.
  • *73: Disable Call Forwarding. You will be prompted with a message confirming the phone number you are no longer forwarding to.
  • *77: Anonymous Call Rejection. Reject calls from callers who are blocking Caller-ID. To turn off Anonymous Call Rejection, press *87.
  • *82: Deactivate Caller ID Blocking on a per call basis. If your outbound Caller ID is blocked by default, dial this code before your outbound call to unblock it for that one call.
  • *272: test tone. Turns on a high-pitched (1004 Hz) tone on your line.
  • *273: Caller ID info. Plays a read-back of your caller-ID information.
  • *99: Voice mail. For details, see the Fusion Voicemail FAQ.

Fusion Phone Tools

You can use the online Fusion Phone Tools to retrieve statistics on your phone usage, manage your voicemail, adjust settings for your phone line, and more.  To get started, go to Fusion Phone Tools and click the “Need to activate your line?” link.  Enter your phone number (including the area code, no dashes, only numbers) and click “Submit”.

You will need to be in the same location as your landline, as you will be required to validate your phone.

Click on “Start Call,” your phone will then ring and you will be given a 6 digit number. Write that number down and go back to the webpage and input that 6 digit code as well as a password of your choosing. Enter the password in twice and enter an email address (this email address will be used in case you need to retrieve your password).  Hit “Submit” and you will be directed to the Fusion Dashboard page.

Fusion Dashboard

Here you can see:
Usage: A summary of your call data, including minutes and international calling charges.
Messages: Listen, delete or download all your voice messages.
Settings: Here you can enable/disable voicemail, change line and account settings, and even view any devices that have accessed the system.


Clicking on the Usage tab will bring up all your voice usage (calls) for the current month. You can pick which month to view, by using the drop down menu on the top left.

Default view of this page is just a summary of information.  Click the “See Full Details” link next to the month drop down menu to get more information.  On the new page with more info, you can also download your phone records as a CSV file by clicking the big orange button labeled “Download All Records (CSV)” at the bottom of the page.


The Messages tab will bring up all your current voicemails. It will tell you what phone number they came from, the date, and even the length of the message. You can then chose to listen or download the message to your computer.

You can then chose to mark them as a NEW message by using the “Mark Unread” button, or you can delete a message by clicking the “Delete” button.


Under the “Settings” tab, you can select various sub-tabs like Voicemail, Line Stats, Line Settings, Account Settings and Device List.

Voicemail: Here you can disable/enable voicemail.
WARNING: If you click “Remove Voicemail” it will turn off Voicemail AND delete all your saved messages.

You can also change your voicemail pin/password, and select how many rings are allowed before the Voicemail feature kicks in.

Line Stats: Clicking this tab will give you 3 options:

  • Sync Speed: This will tell you whether your line is currently up and in sync, as well as what speed your download and upload are currently at.
  • Profile: We recommend not changing these settings without contacting Cruzio first, as changing them could cause problems with your service. Here you can adjust your DSL Line profile and your Line Sync profile.  The DSL Line profile by default is set to prioritize your download speed over your upload speed, but you can change it to prioritize your upload speed over download.  Line Sync profile can be changed between Interleaved or Fastpath.  Unless you are familiar with those terms, don’t change this setting.
  • Bandwidth Graphs: This will provide you with graphs showing the performance of your internet service over the past 24 hours.

Line Settings: Here you can enable/disable features like Call Waiting, Caller ID Blocking, Anonymous Call Rejection, Spam Call Blocking, International Calling, and Call Forwarding and the number it forwards too, just by checking/unchecking the respective boxes and hitting “Update Line Settings.”

If you would like to have your number forward to a different number, enable Call Forwarding and input the desired phone number to forward to into the box and hit “Update Line Settings.”

Account Settings: Here you can enter your desired email address for password recovery, in case you forget your login password.

Device List: Here you can see the devices attached to your specific phone number.”