How to update Outlook for Mac to use the new Cruzio email settings

Step-by-step instructions on how to change your email settings for Cruzio’s 2018 email upgrade. Use for all email addresses ending in,,, @calcentralcom,,,,, and If you own your own custom domain name, you don’t have to make changes at this time.

Step 1 – Launch Outlook from your desktop icon or dock.

Step 2 – In the top-left corner of the Outlook window, left click the “Outlook” Menu. Choose “Preferences”.

Step 3 – A window labeled “Outlook Preferences” should pop up, you will want to left click the icon, that looks like a name tag labeled “Accounts”.

Step 4 – A window labeled “Accounts” should pop up, there will be a white column on the left side of this window, make sure that your Cruzio email address is selected in this column. On the right side of this window, find “Server Information”.

Step 5 – In the “User Name:” box, type in your full email address (for example, or

Step 6 – In the “Outgoing server:” box, type in the server name assigned to your email address from the table below.

If your email address ends in:Your server name is:

Step 7 – At the bottom of this window, you will left click the “More Options…” button. This will pop up a small new screen labeled: “Settings for:” Keep in mind, “yourdomain” will be whatever server you choose in Step 6.

Step 8 – The top selection should say “Settings for:” Click the “Authentication:” menu, and choose “User Name and Password”.

Step 9 – In the “User Name:” box, type in your full email address (for example, or

Step 10 – In the “Password:” box, type in your password.

Step 11 – Click “OK” at the bottom right of this window.

Step 12 – On the top left hand side of this screen, click the Red dot, to close this window.

Step 13 – Test sending and receiving — sending yourself an email message is a good way to do this.

Step 14 – You have successfully completed the email changes.