Joomla Administrator Login Page is Blank

This document is for users with a Cruzio domain who are unable to log into their Joomla admin control panel. The Joomla login page is completely blank instead of asking for the Joomla username and password.

To fix your Joomla login page:

  1. Go to and enter your domain name, select “Control Panel” and click “go”.  Log into your control panel with your admin username and password. This username and password can be found in the information provided when you first set up your domain. If you do not have this information, please call Cruzio Technical Support at 831-459-6301 option 2 and ask for your domain login information.
  2. In the “Custom buttons” section, click the Installatron Applications Installer button.
  3. Find Joomla in the list. To the right of it, select “View/edit details.”
  4. Go to the second box provided on this page. The title of this box may vary depending on what title was given to Joomla when first installing it. If no custom title was created, it will default to “My Joomla Information”. In this box, click “Edit these values and files”.
  5. Go down to Configuration File 1. Use the Web browser’s “find” feature to locate the following line:var = 0;
  6. Delete that line and replace it with:var $force_ssl = 0;
  7. Click the “Save all” button.

The Joomla admin login page should now display correctly.