Mac OS X Mail: Saving messages from an account you want to delete

These instructions about a non-Cruzio product are provided for the convenience of Cruzio’s customers and may contain inaccuracies. Further questions should be directed to the software manufacturer.

This document is for a user with a Mac computer who has Apple Mail and wants to delete or replace an email account without losing any messages saved.

Any messages saved in the Inbox, Sent, Received or Draft folders associated with the email account will be lost when the email account is removed, even if there is another configuration of the same email address. To avoid this, please follow the steps below:

1. Start Apple Mail.

2. Open the “Mailbox” menu and click “New Mailbox”.

3. Click on the “Location” drop down menu and select “On My Mac”.  Then type your choice of a mailbox name into the “Name” field in the window that opens. For example, you could name it “Messages” for all the messages you want to save, or “Sent” if you just want to save your sent messages in this new mailbox. Click the “OK” button when done. Your new mailbox will appear in the Mailboxes column on the left, towards the bottom.

4. Locate and highlight the messages you want to save to the mailbox you just created. Then click and drag the messages into your new mailbox in the column on the left.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for any extra mailboxes you want to create.

Once you have moved all your messages from the mailboxes associated with the email account you no longer need, it will be safe to delete the email account from Apple Mail.