How to Modify the Hostname and Reverse Record for Your Cruzio VPS

Cruzio, by default, sets up your VPS under our domain, in the form, where yourusername is your actual user name.

If you’re using Virtualmin, there is no real reason to change this, but if you’re planning to use your Cruzio VPS for Zimbra hosting, or some other reason where you’d rather have the name of the VPS be, or even, here are the steps to take to make it so.

To change the hostname

On Debian:

  1. Edit /etc/hostname
  2. Edit /etc/hosts
  3. Reboot.

On Centos:

  1. Edit /etc/sysconfig/network
  2. Edit /etc/hosts
  3. Reboot.

To change the reverse record

  1. Log into the Xen shell.
  2. Issue the command


    to view your current entry and find your IP address.

  3. Issue the command

    rdns IP_address
  4. Reverse DNS entries can take a couple of hours to propagate.