Setting up Email on a Cruzio VPS-Hosted Domain

Once you’ve added a domain to your Cruzio VPS, you may want to use that domain for email. This article describes how to create and connect to mailboxes for your domains.

To create a mailbox

  1. Log into your Virtualmin Control Panel at, replacing clientlogin with the login you chose when you signed up.
  2. Use the dropdown menu on the top left to select the domain you wish to create a mailbox for.
  3. Click “Edit Users”.
  4. Click “Add a user to this server”.
  5. Fill in the “Email address”, “Real name” and “Password” fields.
  6. You can configure advanced options in the other settings areas on this page. The defaults should be appropriate for most users.
  7. Click “Create”.

The user is now created.

To connect to a mailbox using POP or IMAP

Configure your POP or IMAP client, such as Mac OS X Mail or Microsoft Outlook, with these settings:

Incoming and outgoing Mailserver
The domain name you added (including the .com or other TLD).
Your username is listed in the “Edit Users” screen under the “IMAP / POP3 / FTP login” column.  If you haven’t changed the way usernames are created, it should take this form: login.domain

The first time you connect using this newly created account, you may be asked to accept a security certificate from the server.

To connect to a mailbox using Webmail

Virtualmin has a user-level control panel called “Usermin”.

You can reach the Usermin control panel directly by visiting domain:20000.

When logging in to the Usermin interface, your username is just the login name (not login.domain).