ShopSite Help Resources

More small-to medium-sized businesses rely on ShopSite than any other Internet commerce software.

ShopSite’s Built-In Help


ShopSite comes with built-in context-sensitive help. When you are on any screen in the back office of your ShopSite, just click on the question mark icon in the right-hand corner of the menu to get help for that screen.

More ShopSite Resources

  • ShopSite Help Center
    Browse or search all the ShopSite help pages.
  • ShopSite User Forum
    Search the official ShopSite forum for information—or join for no charge, post a question and get quick answers from other ShopSite users and programmers.
  • Credit Card Processing in ShopSite
    If you want to process credit card payments automatically instead of manually, see this short, easy guide.

ShopSite Help From Cruzio

If you have any technical problems with ShopSite, please contact Cruzio Support. We’ll work to make sure your Cruzio ShopSite service works correctly.

Adding New Features to Your ShopSite

When you purchase ShopSite, Cruzio installs the current version. Over time, new versions of ShopSite, with new features, become available. You can contact Cruzio if you would like to purchase an upgrade for your ShopSite store.

If you’re interested, see ShopSite’s complete list of features.