Spam Filtering Setup for Domains on a Mac

These instructions assume that you have Cruzio Website Hosting services. If you purchased your Web and Domain account before July 2006, you have Cruzio Classic hosting, which does not filter junk mail in this way.

Spam filtering is automatically enabled for every mailbox, and when a message is marked as spam by the software, the subject line will include the text ***SPAM***. Follow these simple rules to route these messages to a junk folder and keep them out of your inbox.

» Entourage 2004
» Eudora
» Apple Mail
» Thunderbird

Entourage 2004

1) Launch Entourage and select “Rules” from the “Tools” menu at the top of the window.

2) Select “New” and type “Junk Mail” next to “Rule name”.

3) Under “If”, select “Subject” from the “All messages” drop down menu.

4) In the text field, type: ***SPAM***

5) Under “Then”, choose “Move message” and “Junk E-mail (On My Computer)” from the top two dropdown menus.

6) Note: Some versions of Entourage don”t display a “Junk E-Mail” folder. To create one, select “New Folder” and type in Junk, select OK and then ” Choose”.

7) Be sure “Enable” is checked and select “OK”.



1) Launch Eudora and open an incoming or outgoing message. If this isn’t done, the Make Filter option (in step 2) won”t show up.

2) From the “Special” menu, choose “Make Filter”.

3) Under “Match” select “Incoming”, “Manual” and “Subject”.

4) In the text field beside “Subject”, type: ***SPAM***

5) Under “Action”, choose “Transfer to Existing Mailbox” and select the adjacent button.

6) Click on the “Transfer” menu, click on Junk

7) Click “Create Filter”.


Apple Mail

1) Launch the mail program and choose ” Preferences” from the “Mail” menu at the top of the window.

2) Select “Rules” then “Add Rule”.

3) In the “Description” field, type “Junk Mail Rule”.

4) Next to “If”, choose “any”, then “Subject” and “Contains” from the next two dropdown menus.

5) Type ***SPAM*** into the blank field next to “Contains”.

6) Under the “Perform the following actions:”, choose “Move Message” from the first dropdown menu, and “Junk” next from the second.

7) Select “OK”.



1) Launch Thunderbird and choose “Message Filters” from the “Tools” menu at the top of the window.

2) In the window that opens up click on the “New” button and in the “Filter name” field type “Junk Mail”.

3) Under “Apply filter when”, select both “Manually Run” and “Getting New Mail”. Select “Match any of the following” and chose “Subject” and “contains” from the drop down menus.

4) Type ***SPAM*** into the blank field next to “Contains”.

5) Under “Perform these actions:” select “Move Message to” and choose “Spam” or “Junk” from the right drop down menu and select “OK”.