Velocity DNS Settings and Security

As of March 5, 2013, our upstream Velocity provider, Sonic, implemented additional security features on the DNS servers automatically assigned to Velocity connections. If you prefer, you may use their opt-out DNS servers. See below for details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Cruzio Support.

DNS Security Features for Velocity Users

These features are enabled on the DNS servers automatically assigned to Velocity users:

  • DNSSEC validation
  • DNS reputation validation
  • Closing DNS servers to off-network requests

DNSSEC validation allows you to be sure that the websites you visit are in fact the legitimate site, and not a fake site put up by criminals. For more information, please see this DNSSEC Wiki page.

DNS reputation validation will protect you from unknowingly visiting malicious websites. These are sites that seek to directly harm users’ computers or use their computers to do harm to others. If you do happen to visit a malicious site, you will instead see a page like this:

Closing DNS servers to off-network requests protects the servers from being used by hackers to harm others on the Internet. If you attempt to use our DNS servers while not on the network, you will be redirected to a page similar to this:

Alternative DNS Servers for Velocity Users

If you prefer not to use the additional security features, you may use these opt-out DNS servers that do not implement DNSSEC or reputation validation:

If you need help changing your DNS settings, please contact Cruzio Support.

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To read more about these DNS server changes, visit this forum post.