Website Publishing With Filezilla FTP

FileZilla is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program for publishing files to your website. These instructions assume that you have already installed FileZilla. (You can download the Filezilla Client or buy Cruzio’s Internet Software CD.)

  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Open FileZilla.

    In the Host field, enter your domain name*.
    In the Username field, enter your FTP Login*.
    In the Password field, enter your FTP Password*.

    *These settings are listed in your Cruzio Login Information and in your Cruzio Control Panel.

    Click the Quickconnect button to log in to your website’s FTP space.

  3. In the Remote Site pane, double-click the httpdocs directory.* This directory is the storage area for your website files.

    *If you have a Cruzio Classic Website, there is no httpdocs directory. Double-click the pub_html directory instead.

  4. In the Local Site pane, navigate to the files on your computer’s hard drive that you want to publish.

    Select and drag your files from the Local Site pane to the Remote Site pane to copy them from your computer’s hard drive to your website’s FTP space.

  5. To confirm that your files were published correctly, view your website in a Web browser. You may need to click your browser’s Refresh button to view the latest changes.