Your Cruzio Modem: SR360n DSL Gateway

This document provides information for the The SR360n DSL Gateway – the Cruzio modem used with Velocity Phone + Internet service.

The SR360n DSL Gateway provides high performance and flexibility for broadband subscribers. It combines a full-rate ADSL modem with a wireless access point using the latest 802.11n WiFi technology. It can be used as an Ethernet or DSL gateway, and includes a router and a firewall.

All modems purchased from Cruzio are pre-configured to work with our Velocity service right out of the box, and should not require you make any changes to their settings.  Just plug it in and you’re online and good to go!

Should you have any questions about reconfiguring your Cruzio modem or troubleshooting a possible problem with it, please feel free to contact Cruzio or bring it by our downtown offices.

Alternatively, if you are technically inclined and feel comfortable making changes within the settings on your Cruzio modem, you can use the SR360n DSL Gateway Manual available online for download.  It contains instructions that will guide you through the modem’s installation, configuration, monitoring data, security, wireless setup, and more.