#015, February 25, 1998

Cruzio Newsletter - Number 15, February 25, 1998

1. Get Listed
2. 56k -- excellent performance
3. How to get on to 56k
4. Geek Speak Radio
5. Administering your account
6. News readers alert -- change setting to "cnews.newsguy.com"
7. About This Newsletter
8. How to Reach Cruzio (dial-in or tech support)

1. Get Listed
   Our award-winning, much-visited web page, The Electronic Guide to
   Santa Cruz County, has a new look. Check:
   to see the changes.

   The local search engine is particularly helpful. Type in any topic
   you are interested in -- say, "Real Estate" or "Auto Parts" -- and
   you'll get a list of all the local web pages that contain these words.
   It's a great way to find local resources -- not just on Cruzio, although
   all Cruzio commercial pages are listed unless otherwise requested.

   If you'd like to submit a web page to our listings, go to:

   Over 1.1 million people have visited The Electronic Guide to Santa Cruz
   County since it came online at the end of 1995. If you have a web page
   of interest to residents or tourists... Get Listed.

2. 56k -- excellent performance
   Our users have had some great results with the x2 "56k" modems.
   We've been encouraging people to post their experiences --how fast?
   any problems?-- to the cruzio.general newsgroup. The satisfaction
   level has been much higher than we expected and the speed is really
   zippy even in some non-urban areas such as Boulder Creek. There
   is, of course, no guarantee that any particular phone line is
   adaptable to the faster speeds. But with what we've seen so far,
   and our own experience with the new modems at home, we're impressed.

   Cruzio is selling x2 modems at the downtown office for $10 off list
   price. And right now USR has a $30 rebate, so it's a good deal:
   if you buy it now at Cruzio, you can save $40. But better hurry
   because the rebate ends at the end of the month,

   To find out more, check out the information on our 56k web page:
   And another good resource for 56k info is:

3. How to get on to 56k
   First, get a 56k "x2" modem. You can pick one up at Cruzio or
   a number of other local places. Remember that it must be "x2".

   New customers can simply sign up for the service. If you are
   already a Cruzio customer, please go to
   to get the information you need to access 56k: it's a quick,
   easy and painless procedure.

4. Geek Speak Radio
   Tune in to KUSP, 88.9 on your FM dial on
  		 Monday, March 9th
		     at 6:30pm
   to listen to the first GeekSpeak radio show, featuring
   Cruzio's beloved founder Chris Neklason and Guenther Computer's
   Steve Schaefer with KUSP's Ray Price.

   Chris and Steve will be tackling computer and Internet topics every
   week on KUSP. Local guests and your email and IRC chat will add to
   the fun.

   For more information, use your web browser to visit:

5. Administering your account
   The Members Account administration Web page has a new feature. Besides
   getting your disk usage and changing your email password, you can
   unlock a stuck FTP session. Your FTP sessions can occasionally get
   stuck if, for example, your computer crashes while doing a transfer.
   Please use the administration account to help solve problems quickly
   and easily:

6. News readers alert -- change setting to "cnews.newsguy.com"
   News bulletin for news readers: we apologize for the confusion but
   if you haven't already, Cruzio users must change your "news server"
   setting.  Here is the new setting:

	News Server (also called NNTP Server): cnews.newsguy.com 

   Login and password remain the same.

   This is for the same news service that we've had for the last couple
   of months. The service was called "zippo.com" but they had to change
   their name when someone else claimed a trademark.

   We ourselves were caught unawares by the change (not exactly a lot of
   fanfare about it from the news service) and we are sorry that the changes
   are being passed down to our users after the change has taken place.
   The changeover to this news service has been a bit rocky, but we are
   still satisfied after much testing that the service provides a much,
   much better news feed than any other available.

   For the general lowdown on news, how to use it, what it is, please check
   out our informative web page on the matter:


7. About This Newsletter
   Cruzio doesn't like to waste bandwidth with extra email, but
   we sometimes have events and announcements that users need
   to know about. This seems like the most efficient way to let
   people know what's happening. Hope it's helpful. Please email
   support@cruzio.com with any comments or questions. 

8. How to Reach Cruzio (dial-in or tech support)
   To reach the Cruzio Information Center, for online technical and
   sales information:

   To dial in to Cruzio, set your software to dial one of the numbers
   below (note: we've expanded and joined modem pools, so you may be 
   using another number. If so, don't worry, it still works just fine).

   56k:  see http://www.cruzio.com/support/highspeed.html

   33.6 kbps or 28.8 kbps modems: 459-6230 

   14.4 kbps modems: 459-6200 

   To call Cruzio, use one of these numbers:
	423-1162.................Our main number, to leave a message
	423-7529.................Our status line, check on system problems    
	459-6301.................Our "human line", from 12-6 Monday through
				 Friday. Talk to a human being.

   To send email to Cruzio, use one of these addresses:
	support@cruzio.com.......for technical support
	office@cruzio.com........for billing and ordering information
	webmaster@cruzio.com.....for questions about Cruzio's World Wide
                                 Web service

Thanks very much from Cruzio:
	Chris, Peggy, John, Deana, Judy, Julianne, PK, Gloria,
	Holly, Alex, Kathy, Mark, Martin, Georgette, Jay,
	Tapati, and Hilary (the grownups); Jake and Annika (the kids)
	and Carolyn Rose (the baby)