#022, May 3, 1999

Cruzio/The Internet Store Newsletter - Number 22, May 3, 1999

1. Cruzio Rolls Out New Publishing Services
2. Internet Business Fair at Cruzio June 29
3. $50 off on Web Page Design
4. New Cruzio classes
5. More computers for hands-on classes and rentals
6. We won!
7  E-commerce Workshop FREE (for now)
8. Internet Office Event FREE
9. Buddy Bucks: sign up a friend, get $10 off
10. Gold key for secure transactions
11. About This Newsletter
112 How to Reach Cruzio (dial-in or tech support)

1. Cruzio Rolls Out New Publishing Services

   We are very proud to introduce 3 new online publishing services
   to our members:
        Community Calendar    - List your events
        Community Classifieds - List your items for sale or items you
				are looking to buy
        Community Directory   - List your self, business, service, store,
                                restaurant, arts or community organization

   With our easy to use, password protected web based administration
   tools, you can conveniently add, modify and delete records in our
   online databases. Our new Community Databases are available for
   reading and searching by the general public at the Cruzio homepage.

   To publish your information in the Community Databases, simply use
   any web browser to connect to your Cruzio Account Information Manager at:
   From there, choose what type of account you have, supply your login
   and password, and you'll be at your personal admin page. Databases are
   a new feature on this page.

   The new database administration tools are available to Cruzio members
   starting May 3, 1999. The new version of the award winning Cruzio homepage
   with the database search tools will be made available to the general
   public on May 7. We want to give members a chance to place their items
   into the database before permitting public access to ensure useful
   items for public consumption on May 7.

   Every Cruzio member will have posting permissions allowing them to
   post up to 2 records in the Calendar, 2 in the Classifieds, and 2
   in the Directory.

   Folks such as event promoters or venue operators who require more
   records should send email to:

   The new homepage is available for members to view _before_ the May 7
   unveiling at:

   After the unveiling, the public search interfaces will be published
   at our usual homepage URL:

   Remember, to keep the general public coming back for more, it is
   important to get as many listings as possible into the database
   before the May 7 rollout. Let the world know about you, your events,
   business, service or organization and stuff for sale today!

2. Internet Business Fair at Cruzio in June

   Tuesday, June 29, 1999 5-8pm  FREE
   Learn about business on the Internet. Low priced workshops will be
   offered on E-commerce, Using LAN's (Local Area Networks), Intro. to
   the Internet, Bulk E-mail Management, Cruzio's Internet Office
   Services and Gold Key accounts, Y2K and the Small Business and Using
   Web Editors to Build Your Website. Workshops are on a first-come,
   first serve basis.  Meet web designers, local computer store reps,
   online businesses and local geeks. (And if you are a local geek,
   it's a chance to introduce yourself.)
   If you have a business which provides customers with e-commerce or related
   services, and you'd like to appear at our Business Fair, please let us
   know. We still have a few more openings for presentations. E-mail
   feedback@cruzio.com with your information.

3. $50 off on Web Page Design
   If you would like to have a web page and don't have the time or
   inclination to design and create the whole thing yourself*,
   think about getting a consultant to create web pages for you.
   *(If you do have the time and inclination to create web pages and
   are just seeking the know-how, see the "Classes" item below.)
   Cruzio has worked with many web designers over the years and, since
   customers are constantly asking us, we have settled on a reliable,
   talented local firm to recommend. We have worked with Mandala Net
   Design since 1995 and we're very impressed with them. Mandala has
   agreed to give Cruzio's customers $50 off the first order. Please
   go to Mandala's web page to see their work, it's very impressive:
4. New Cruzio classes
   We've made some changes to our classes, and if you took
   the "Publishing on the Internet" series in the past you may be
   especially interested. We've added a whole "Publishing Part Two"
   to the original series of 4 classes. The "Publishing Part One" has
   been our most popular series and students asked for more.
   We've added more CGI, Javascript, more advanced graphics and
   animated GIFs, all of which make web pages more interactive
   and lively. These classes were developed and are taught by the 
   dapper duo of Mark and John, two of our highly-rated teachers.
   Some of the classes have been adapted from our former "Webmaster"
   series. Please have a look at our web page:
5. More computers for hands-on classes and rentals
   Many customers liked the "hands-on" Internet classes we've been
   teaching but wanted more computers. So we doubled the number of
   computers in our lab. (Yes, we do pay attention to the "comments"
   field on our class evaluation forms). Cruzio's classes in basic
   Internet usage (which include some handy tips on email, chat and
   other tools) are grouped into the "Using the Internet" series.
   This series includes an entire class of practice and questions with
   teacher supervision. Again, for class information and schedules:

   Plus, we've begun offering classes through the Parks and Recreation
   department of the City of Santa Cruz. These classes are lively and
   full of information for computer novices and children. Cruzio is
   offering "Computers for Non-Geeks", "Computers for Kids" and "Taking
   Computers Apart and Putting Them Together". For more info, or to enroll,
   please contact the Parks and Rec Department at 307 Church Street,
   Santa Cruz, (831) 420-5250.

   The new computers are also available for rental during the day at our
   downtown store.
6. We won!
   Gosh. Cruzio won all the "Best of" awards in the Internet categories
   in both the Good Times and the Metro readers' polls. For the 4th year
   in a row. Shucks, now we're blushing. All we can say is thanks.

7. E-commerce Workshop FREE (for now)
   Wednesday, May 25th, 1999

   What *is* E-commerce?  Come learn about online business and how to use
   Cruzio's new Gold Key services. See several samples of good business
   websites, find out how to promote your business online, and use your
   Internet Office secure server space. E-mail feedback@cruzio.com for
   more information.

8. Internet Office Event FREE
   Wednesday, May 19th, 1999

   Cruzio has devised ways to do business on the Internet that will help
   a small- to medium-size office or an individual stretch their capabilities
   to do more business more efficiently. Come and see the features we've
   customized for our users, and hear how e-commerce fits in to the scheme.
   E-mail feedback@cruzio.com for more information.

9. Buddy Bucks: sign up a friend, get $10 off
   Now that we've increased our dial-up capacity, Cruzio is welcoming new
   customers. Most of our customers hear about us by word of mouth. To
   show our appreciation, we are reviving our "Buddy Bucks" program.
   If you have a friend who gets a Cruzio account on your recommendation,
   you will get $10 off your next Cruzio bill. The credit goes toward
   Cruzio service only. Last year, several customers had their accounts
   paid up for months by referring friends. We encourage this!
   So please come downtown to Cruzio and pick up a "Buddy Bucks" coupon.
   Put your email address on it, give it to the friend who's signing up,
   and you will receive the credit.

10. Gold key accounts for secure transactions
   Cruzio offers space on a secure server for transactions that need
   to be private, such as taking credit cards over the Internet. We are
   also working on secure features for our Internet Office accounts.
   Secure space is available for $45 per quarter ($15 per month) 
   with a $45 setup fee. 

11. About This Newsletter
   Cruzio doesn't like to waste bandwidth with extra email, but we
   sometimes have events and announcements that users need to know about.
   This seems like the most efficient way to let people know what's
   happening. Hope it's helpful. Please email support@cruzio.com with any
   comments or questions. 

   By the way, we would love to have a regular, predictable schedule
   for this newsletter...but we simply do not send it unless there is real
   news enclosed. Thus the haphazard datelines.

12. How to Reach Cruzio (dial-in or tech support)
   To reach the Cruzio Information Center, for online technical and
   sales information:
   To dial in to Cruzio, set your software to dial one of the numbers
   below (note: we've expanded and joined modem pools, so you may be 
   using another number. If so, don't worry, it still works just fine).
   56k: 459-9408
   33.6 kbps or 28.8 kbps modems: 459-6230 
   14.4 kbps modems: 459-6200 
   To call Cruzio:
         459-6301............Use this number to check Cruzio's system status,
            pay your Cruzio bill, find out more about our hours and location,
            or to reach someone in customer service and technical support.
   To send email to Cruzio, use one of these addresses:
   	support@cruzio.com.......for technical support
	office@cruzio.com........for billing and ordering information
	webmaster@cruzio.com.....for questions about Cruzio's World Wide
                                 Web service

   Thanks very much from Cruzio:
	Chris, Peggy, John, Julianne, Patton, Kathy, Mark, Martin,
	Georgette, Jay, Tapati, Hilary, Jessica, Amy, Temoc, Sam,
	Brittany, Will and Lewis (the grownups); Jake and Annika (the kids)
	and Carolyn Rose (the toddler, almost 2; fond of kitties and doggies)

   By the way, a tidbit for those obsessive readers who have gotten this
   far: Cruzio itself is going to be 10 years old in June of this year.