#100(!), January 9, 2007

       Cruzio Newsletter - Number 100 (!), January 9, 2007

1. Jan 23: Hands-on Class: "One Night Web Site"
2. This Saturday: Recycle Your Electronics at Cruzio's E-Cycle Day
3. Evil Bots Suffer Holiday Setbacks
4. Jan 18: Learn How To Blog at Our Brown Bag Workshop
5. Second Harvest Donations
6. How to Filter Your Email
7. Jan 31: Consultants Meeting
8. Top Five of 2006
9. Watsonville Workshops & Classes
10. Buddy Bucks
11. Moving?
12. About This Newsletter
13. How to Reach Cruzio (Dial-in or Tech Support)

1. Jan 23 Hands-on Class: "One Night Web Site"
	Cruzio's Hands-On Class Series Presents: One Night Web Site
	Tuesday January 23, 5-7:30 PM $199
	903 Pacific Avenue, Downtown Santa Cruz

A class so elemental it can be summed up in four words.
When you come in that evening, you don't have a Web site. When you
leave you have a site. Or if you've currently got a site that's
outdated or inadequate, by the time you leave you'll have a

There's no better way to learn technology than by doing the
task with an instructor providing guidance at every step.
Seats in this class are extremely limited: we feel we can give
hands-on help best if there are 2 instructors for a class of
8 people or fewer. Compare this to classes over the hill, packed
with dozens of people and only one instructor, which cost hundreds
more dollars. Cruzio's class is geared for your success and we
guarantee that you will have a functioning Web site by the end
of the class.

Not only is our instructional method more personal, we're also
teaching the latest Web technology. Joomla is a Content Management
System favored by next-generation site designers. Because we're
teaching an advanced technology, this class is helpful to Web
designers as well as small businesses and hobbyists.

To enroll, you'll need Website Plus or Premium, hosted on Cruzio's new
Web servers. If you're not currently hosted with Cruzio or not sure,
sign up online or call Customer Service at 459-6301 option 2 to find
out how to move your site over to Cruzio.

For more information or to register, please visit
Register early! Seats in our classes often fill up.

2. This Saturday: Recycle Your Electronics at Cruzio's E-Cycle Day
	Saturday January 13, 9 AM-4 PM
	903 Pacific Avenue, Downtown Santa Cruz
	Supporting HOPE Services

We love new computers. But every new computer eventually becomes
an old computer cluttering the closet or garage. We want to dispose
of equipment properly, as it contains toxic materials. Also, it would
be great if we could benefit some worthy cause in the disposal process.

Wish granted: Cruzio has found a convenient way to clear your
living and working spaces of obsolete electronics like computers,
printers, microwaves, and TVs. Just bring them to our E-cycle day
this Saturday, January 13th, in downtown Santa Cruz. We'll have
drop-off parking in front of the store. Not only is the service free,
it benefits HOPE services (to learn more about HOPE, see
http://www.hopeservices.org ). 

For more information, visit

3. Evil Bots Suffer Holiday Setbacks
This will sound like a poorly written sci-fi movie, but it's
fact: the spam you see these days is generated by armies
of zombified computers called "botnets." Each zombie is called
a "bot." Your own computer might be a bot -- it's hard to tell.

Computers are almost certain to get infected if they're not
protected. Because an infected computer runs all its regular
programs while quietly obeying the commands of a far-off
mothership (yes, mothership is the technical term), you may not
notice the infection.

Bot net activity across the Internet decreased sharply the night
before Christmas, largely due to people replacing their slow (and 
infected) old computers with nice shiny new Christmas presents
that haven't been infected yet. So in a sense, Christmas defeated
the bot armies, at least temporarily.

Two thoughts: 
Thought #1: If you have a new computer, install anti-virus
software now. Don't let your new machine be zombified. Cruzio
has instructions on how to protect your computer at
or make an appointment, and for a reasonable fee (Cruzio customers
$20 off) we'll install protective software and clean out viruses
for you.

Thought #2:
The old computers are still infected, they're just not currently
active on the Internet. Before you pass that old computer along,
whether by selling it or giving it away, why not clean it up first?
If it's going to be re-used why not have the operating system
re-installed, for a fresh start? Do it yourself or let Cruzio do it:

To sum up: please help Cruzio curb spam and viruses by protecting and
updating your computer. By the way, if you were hoping for a new
computer for Christmas but were disappointed, remember you can make
your old computer run like new by bringing it in for a tune-up: 

4. Jan 18: Learn How To Blog at Our Brown Bag Workshop
	Cruzio's Brown Bag Workshop Series Presents:
	Blogging with WordPress
	Thursday January 18, 12-1:30 PM, $10
	903 Pacific Avenue, Downtown Santa Cruz

If your friends or business associates ask "do you have a blog,"
what will you say? Save yourself the embarrassment of stammering
that you would have a blog, really, if you just had time, by
letting Cruzio show you how to create one in a few easy steps.

Cruzio's latest Web hosting packages include several choices of free
blogging software. Our favorite, "Wordpress," is one of the most popular
on the Internet. Crackerjack instructors Jessi and Mike, who have both
blogged extensively, will explain the concepts and show you the software
in this low-cost lunchtime workshop. 

Register at
or call 459-6301 ext 231. Bring your own lunch or order one for an extra
$7 when you register online. Welcome to the blogosphere!

5. Second Harvest Donations
Once again, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of Cruzio's
members, Cruzio donated 100% of available matching funds to
the Second Harvest Food Bank, which feeds needy people in
our area. In fact, this year Cruzio was again inspired to
increase our matching amount when customer donations topped
expectations. Many thanks!

Remember that you can always donate to the Food Bank at Cruzio's
stores (Watsonville and Santa Cruz) and, if you are late on a
payment, we will waive the late fee if you bring in three cans
for our food barrel.

For more information on the Food Bank, see

6. How to Filter Your Email
Hate spam? Cruzio's email filters are effective and we update
them frequently. It's your best weapon in the war against
spam and viruses. Find detailed instructions for using the
filters here:


7. Jan 31: Consultants Meeting 
 	January 31st,  12-1:30 pm. Lunch provided by Cruzio. 
	At El Pajaro CDC, 23 East Beach Street,  Plaza Vigil,
	downtown Watsonville.

Cruzio offers services and training to help Web designers and
computer consultants get more mileage from their services.
We can help you with great values and packages, and we can
fill in gaps where you might not have our expertise. At this
meeting, Cruzio technical lead Mike Brogan will give an overview
of our services, answer questions, and everyone will get an
opportunity to meet one another.

Register to attend by sending email to marketing@cruzio.com.

8. Top Five of 2006
In the spirit of High Fidelity (the book and the movie) we'd like
to offer Cruzio's picks for the top five Cruzio/Internet events
of 2006:

   Number 5. Cyberhub Expansion
	You can't go far in Santa Cruz County without encountering
	a coffee shop, laundromat, or other hangout with a Cruzio
	banner displayed. At such locations you can bring your laptop
	and get free Internet. We provide these hot spots as a
	value-added service to our customers and our community. 
	For a more information and a map, see
   Number 4. Net Neutrality Advances
	Thank goodness, some small protection was extended in the
	area of Net Neutrality at the end of 2006. Despite heavy
	lobbying by telecommunications giants, Congress tabled a
	bill which would have enabled them to create tiered delivery
	systems. Also, AT&T agreed to follow Net Neutrality principals
	for two years as a condition of its merger with BellSouth.
	Net neutrality requires carriers to deliver all Internet data
	at the same speed -- not to favor corporate partners with faster
	service. This is the environment in which the Internet has
	thrived up until now, and it is vitally important to small
	businesses, bloggers -- anyone who communicates outside the
	megacorporate mainstream. For more information, see

   Number 3. Hands-On Classes
	How can you use what you don't understand? As the
	capabilities of the Internet explode, people need some guidance
	and instruction to make the most of it. Cruzio has always
	included an education component with our technology and we
	have a staff of helpful, experienced teachers. We taught our
	first "hands-on" class last year and got rave reviews. We
	think that sitting at the computer, actually using the
	software, with a teacher's help and guidance is a great
	way to learn.

   Number 2. The Increase in Spam and Cruzio's Response
	Spammers hit the Internet hard last year. Cruzio fought back.
	We intensified our pursuit of suspected zombies on our network
	(many thanks to Andrew, who notifies owners of zombified
	computers), we tightened our spam filters, we doubled the
	amount of computer power devoted to extricating spam and we
	helped scores of customers protect data on their individual

	To help us fight spam and viruses, keep your computer protected.
	For information on how, see

   Number 1. Launch of Website Features
	Not only do new Cruzio Web customers get gigabytes of email
	and Web space, but they can also install the latest software
	free of charge: blogs, photo galleries, surveys, polls, CMS's,
	Sitebuilder, wikis and much more. For the full list, see:
	It's a whole candy store's worth of options for our customers.
	This is just part of a wave of new technology all around
	the Internet called "Web 2.0" which makes sites more interactive
	and publishing much easier. 

And that's our 2006 Top Five! We can only imagine what will happen
in 2007. We are in a fast-moving business: it never gets boring.

9. Watsonville Workshops & Classes
Please come to our downtown Watsonville location any or every
Wednesday afternoon between 3 and 6 pm if you have questions about
the Internet. Store manager -- and new papa! -- Gershom generally
discusses basic computer operations, how to set up your email,
and how to browse the Web. These workshops are free of charge
and there's no registration necessary.

Gershom also teaches a popular series of beginning Internet classes,
perfect for people who feel a little left out of the Internet
revolution. We'll be starting up those classes again in February
and March: watch this space or go to http://events.cruzio.com
for news.

10. Buddy Bucks
Recommend us to friends, family, colleagues: if a new customer
gives us your email address, registration number, or full name when
they sign up you'll get $10 credit to your account. If two friends
sign up, $20. Three friends, $30. It just goes on and on. 

11. Moving?
If you are moving your home or office, please contact Cruzio.
We're here to help the Internet portion of your move go smoothly.
It's best to let us know several weeks ahead of time, especially
if you have DSL or if you're canceling a phone line. We can often
save you from an interruption in Internet service and prevent
costly fees -- but you've got to let us know. For more information,
please see

12. About This Newsletter
Cruzio doesn't like to waste bandwidth with extra email, but we sometimes
have events and announcements that users need to know about. This seems
like the most efficient way to let people know what's happening. Hope
it's helpful. Please email support@cruzio.com with any comments or questions. 
By the way, we would love to have a regular, predictable schedule
for this newsletter...but we simply do not send it unless there is real
news enclosed. Thus the haphazard datelines.

13. How to Reach Cruzio (dial-in or tech support)
To reach the Cruzio Information Center, for online technical and
sales information:

To dial in to Cruzio, set your software to dial one of the numbers
below (note: we've expanded and joined modem pools, so you may be 
using another number. If so, don't worry, it still works just fine).

   Dialup (in Santa Cruz County): 459-9408

   Nationwide Dialup: Look up local number on our Web page:
   or call Cruzio toll free, 1.800.303.3302

To call Cruzio:
         459-6301............Use this number to check Cruzio's system status,
            pay your Cruzio bill, find out more about our hours and location,
            or to reach someone in customer service and technical support.
         722-6200 .......... Cruzio's number in Watsonville.

To send email to Cruzio, use one of these addresses:
   	support@cruzio.com ......for technical support
	office@cruzio.com .......for billing and ordering information

Cruzio's locations:
	Santa Cruz: 903 Pacific Avenue, Suite 101, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
	Watsonville: Plaza Vigil, 23 E. Beach Street, Watsonville, CA 95076
Cruzio's hours:
	Sales hours: 10am-6pm, Monday through Friday; 10 am - 2 pm Saturday
	Technical support: 8am to 6pm, Mon to Fri, 10am - 2pm Saturday
	System monitoring, including customer-alerted emergencies, 24 hours
		per day, 365 days per year (leap years, 366 days)

Thanks very much from Cruzio:
	Chris, Peggy, Julianne, Mark, Stephen, Paul, Gershom,
	Jessi, Michael, James, Juana, Krissie, Nikkie, Mike, Don,
	Bruce, Edgar, Brian, Westi, Andrew, Jaime, another Chris,
	yet another Chris, Reema, and Diana;
	our awesome interns, Christi, Kristi, and Edi;
	Jake, Annika, and Carly (the kids)

	Many congratulations to Watsonville Store Managers Gershom
	Toriz and his wife, Connie: they have a beautiful new baby boy!

Carly: What kind of car would you like, Mom?
Mom: I think I would choose a Prius.
Carly: I would like a hovercraft full of kittens.