Cruzio Remote Session Help

Let one of Cruzio’s friendly, knowledgeable staff remotely view your computer screen and update your settings — over a secure connection to prepare for the upcoming email upgrade

One of the easiest and fastest ways to update your email settings is to allow a Cruzio tech to work on your computer remotely. That means you open a brief session during which Cruzio can see your screen and move your cursor, helping you find things or even typing in settings for you. The application we use is called TeamViewer.

Running TeamViewer will allow us to connect to your computer and see anything that is on your screen. This includes open files or programs as well as potentially the content of any emails that are open in your email client. If you have any secure or sensitive information that you do not want us to see,  we ask that you close it or remove it prior to this session. Our recommendation is that you close all programs other than TeamViewer and your email client before allowing us to connect.

You’ll be granting only a single-session permission. To terminate the connection at any time you’ll need to simply close the TeamViewer app on your computer,  which will end Cruzio’s ability to connect to your computer. Even if you start TeamViewer again, Cruzio cannot see your screen unless you set up a new session with a new passcode.
If this is not acceptable please let us know now before we proceed.

When instructed to do so by a Cruzio Tech Click Here to download the TeamViewer App

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a 3rd party remote assistance product that is currently being used to provide remote support to Cruzio Internet customers.
With TeamViewer, Cruzio support engineers can view the remote computer, highlight and change your email settings without the need to install software.  Please feel free to remove the program from your downloads folder after the support session is complete.