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Santa Cruz Fiber and the Mini Maker Faire

mini maker faire

Makers are an important piece of Santa Cruz’s identity. From companies like Inboard, who’re building the future of personalized transportation, to the many artists and creators creating new works every single day in places like Idea Fab Labs, making is engrained into our community’s DNA. That’s why Santa Cruz Fiber is proud to sponsor, and be featured at, this year’s Mini Maker Faire!

So who exactly are makers, and why are they having a faire? To answer the first question, according to Make magazine, everyone is a maker in some way. Basically, if you’ve ever taken pride creating something, then guess what?–you’re a maker! Concerning makers, former MythBusters host Adam Savage said: “Humans do two things that make us unique from all other animals; we use tools and we tell stories. And when you make something, you’re doing both at once.”

To answer the second question, the Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire is a celebration of our local makers, all of the things they create, and all of the unique ways in which they create them. In an interview with Santa Cruz Tech Beat, Mini Maker Faire creator Zaq Roberts described this year’s event as “Part science fair, part county fair, part electronics show.” Last year’s event had 45 different exhibitors showing off their projects, such as Virtual Reality rollercoasters and 3D printing demonstrations.

This year’s lineup is already shaping up to be excellent as well. UCSC-based Formula Slug will be showing off their FS-0, a completely electric vehicle they built to compete in in last year’s Formula SAE Electric competition. And representatives from Prunedale’s Manzanita Park will let visitors begin their bike racing careers by setting up an actual BMX track starting gate (so be forewarned, parents).

Of course Santa Cruz Fiber will be on hand to show off what we’re making as well: our brand new citywide fiber network! We’ll be giving visitors a hands-on look at the technology that’s going to bring gigabit internet to Santa Cruz, and how it all works. And if you have questions about what the build is going to look like, this is the perfect place to talk to us in person, and learn more about our big project.

If you want to get in on the fun, you can buy tickets right now on their website. The fair opens its doors at 10AM and runs until 5PM this Saturday, April 29th.

Wanted: Santa Cruz Fiber Champions



Do you have a passion for lightning-fast internet? Do you like the idea of watching your favorite YouTube videos in crystal clear HD? Or, how does getting that massive file to your coworkers in a matter of seconds instead of hours sound? If this has you saying: “Golly gee, how can I be a part of making this a reality for everyone in Santa Cruz?” Then we want your help!

We’re looking for enthusiastic internet lovers like yourself to become part of our Fiber Champions Team.  Santa Cruz Fiber is going to be building out our gigabit-fast fiber network block by block, and we need your help to spread the word.

Our next meeting of the Fiber Champions is happening this Tuesday (tomorrow) starting at 6pm at Cruzio’s building downtown (newcomers welcome!). We’ll have an overview of the project, followed by a discussion about how we can spread the word about this amazing service to as many people as possible. And, of course, there will be pizza and beer to sweeten the deal.

If you want to become a fiber champion, or even if you are just a little fiber-curious, please come join us! You can RSVP through our Facebook page so we know how much pizza and beer to bring. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!