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Open Counter Press Conference

The City of Santa Cruz and Code for America, a national nonprofit that uses talented web professionals to improve government services, are proud to announce the public launch of OpenCounter,  an online small business permitting system.

Designed and developed throughout 2012, OpenCounter reduces the confusion of starting a business by creating an online experience that helps small business owners discover the City forms, fees and time needed to set up shop and apply for them online in a single web session.

The smallest City ever to utilize a Code for America development team, Santa Cruz’s collaboration also saw the development of an open data portal at data.cityofsantacruz.com , new City Hall Wayfinding and newly painted bike lockers downtown.
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Holiday Gift List

Local. Artistic. Small business.

The words are used time and again in Santa Cruz with good reason. We all love living here in our little slice of paradise. And we want to stay here. With our friends. Our local friends, who happen to be artistic and gifted and running a small business.

Support your community this holiday season by supporting these wonderfully talented neighbors and friends of ours in the coworking space. Check out the list we’ve compiled. Even if it’s last minute shopping you’re doing, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list.
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Weasel on West Cliff

What a surprising sight. What a delight.

Out of what looked like a common gopher hole, by the path on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, peeked a long-tailed weasel. Much, much cuter than a gopher, with catlike grace but a much longer, skinnier body, the weasel popped in and out of its hole a few times, then scurried down the cliff face to the bay. We haven’t spotted it again.

Waiting for Harry Potter

It’s the last one.

The last movie from the last book.

The books-on-CD have been made. The author has moved on. It’s our last chance to celebrate this tremendous imaginary world that so many of us love.

Santa Cruz was out in full force. The line in front of the Cinema 9 started on Tuesday for a midnight Thursday show. Photos, starting from the back of the line at about 4 pm.

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