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Before and After Shots: New Windows at the New Sentinel

We start with a manufacturing building in downtown Santa Cruz. Our plan: to recycle and re-use the building for a couple of local organizations (Cruzio and Ecology Action). That means making the building people-friendly. Step one: it’s dark and gloomy inside. We need more windows and doors!

The original parking lot face of the building (notice, no downstairs windows at all):


Here’s what’s happening to that wall (that’s Shane standing in the foreground):
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The Fiber Cut — One Year On…

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the fiber-optic cable cut that left much of Santa Cruz in the dark for more than 24 hours. (Otherwise known as The Great Internet Outage of 2009.) In our debriefing meetings at Cruzio in the days and weeks following the incident we discussed what happened, why it had the impact that it did, and how to make sure it didn’t happen again.

So what did happen?
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