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The New iPhone Update is Coming. Make Sure Your Data Is Safe

Apple will be introducing a brand new file system in its upcoming iOS version: iOS 10.3. It’s called the Apple File System, and it will replace the older, existing format that’s quickly approaching 30-years-old — that’s a dinosaur in tech years.

When this new update goes live, all of the files on your iPhone will need to be converted to this new format. That means if something goes wrong during the update you could lose a lot of your important data. There’s an easy way to prevent disaster: be sure to back your phone’s data up. The easiest way to do this is to follow these instructions on Apple’s support website.

After everything is properly updated and working, you’ll find a lot of positive things about this update aside from a few new bells and whistles (no more lost AirPods with the new “Find my AirPods” feature!) and minor aesthetic changes. Apple is claiming that this change in the way files are stored will also mean stronger encryption, and more secure files.

There’s also fantastic news for folks that are constantly seeing notifications telling you that you’re out of space: the new file system could also make your iPhone more efficient. Files on your phone should take up less space than they do on the current version. That means the update may free up large chunks of data on your phone, leaving you with more room for dog and cat pictures!