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Weasel on West Cliff

What a surprising sight. What a delight.

Out of what looked like a common gopher hole, by the path on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, peeked a long-tailed weasel. Much, much cuter than a gopher, with catlike grace but a much longer, skinnier body, the weasel popped in and out of its hole a few times, then scurried down the cliff face to the bay. We haven’t spotted it again.

Rain, wind, power and email

What a wet and wild week it’s been. Yesterday’s storms did tremendous damage throughout the county, taking out roads and trees and, for a short period, Cruzio’s email, phone and web servers. With limited power supply, we focused our energies on our customers’ services over our own internal systems and communication tools. Now those services are restored, we wanted to check in and let you know what happened here, and what we’re doing about it.
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