MBEP Presents: Getting to A Gigabit Everywhere


Panelists: Steve Blum, Brad Smith, Zach Friend, Tony Cricelli and Peggy Dolgenos.

  On January 29th, the Monterey Bay Economic Partnership proudly presented, Economic Summit Invent Your Future Here at the Embassy Suites in Seaside, CA. The event was a day full of productive and beneficial collaboration from individual members of communities that span through Santa Cruz all the way through Monterey, all of whom, had insightful ideas about how we can all move towards a future that will expand our technological, environmental and economical sphere.

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Cruzioworks Showcase 2015

 Cruzioworks hosts first ever works members networking showcase. 

  Bounce Hour, an hour long meeting offered to Cruzioworks members each week as a way to encourage networking and mingling amongst each other, was especially interesting this last Thursday. Calling this unique conference The Showcase, we got to hear five presentations from innovative companies who have been thriving as a part of the Cruzioworks coworking facility. Bounce hour is typically a place for casual rendezvous each week, allowing connections to be built among members who utilize Cruzio’s world class infrastructure as a comfortable space to work. In this case however, the occasion gave Works members the opportunity to talk to a larger audience about their company, advertise their endeavors, and gain valuable exposure among the local community.

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Cabrillo College Providing Free Tuition to Local High School Students

Great news from Cabrillo College! Some really valuable opportunities for local high school students. Here’s the press release from John Graulty, the Dean of Visual, Applied, & Performing Arts at Cabrillo:

Cabrillo College is thrilled to be offering a major new initiative for high school students interested in concurrently enrolling in Cabrillo College courses. The Cabrillo College Division of Visual, Applied, and Performing Arts, in particular, has greatly expanded its visual and performing arts offerings at the College’s Watsonville Center this coming spring term, 2015, and has scheduled these courses at times that are especially “high school student friendly”!

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Cruzio’s Holiday Mingle

Last week we broke out our favorite Christmas sweaters for our annual holiday mingle. It was a really fun night with Cruzio staff members and Works coworking members all coming together to enjoy the festivities. Lots of fun, lots of friends and lots of eggnog.

With that in mind, Cruzio wishes you happy holidays, and a happy new year!