If there was ever a masterpiece meant to be brought to life among the redwoods of Santa Cruz, it is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Enchantment and wonder are no stretch of the imagination when the dappled light of a dreamy forest falls upon your face and friends gather to picnic in the Glen.

Now, I have to admit, from all of William’s works, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my absolute favorite. I’ve read it more times than I can count, I’ve seen it, and I’ve even rehearsed it; so while I am biased, I expect the absolute best.

And I got it.


With a slight edge of modernity, the company at Shakespeare Santa Cruz delivers a rich and hilarious interpretation of this timed classic, that, while throwing some unique curves our way, stayed as true as possible to spirit of the play.

Finding ourselves amidst the tumultuous love lives of four ardent youths, we follow them into the magical forest on their quests for true love. There we encounter mischievous spirits, who, for good or ill, knowingly or otherwise, begin to entwine themselves in the lives of our star crossed lovers.

And so herein high energy hilarity ensues.


Without exception, all the performances were outstanding. A spirited cast created magic on the stage and made it come to life for the audience with well executed lines, precise stage presence and still the feeling of something more. From fairy royalty to the fairly royal, control, ease and professionalism ruled the stage.

Lenne Klingaman and Emily Kitchens as Hermia and Helena brought electrifying chemistry to the Midsummer forest and the infamous fight scene between our young lovers had me crying from laughter. J. Todd Adams as Puck, turned a trick into a treat with his delicious rendition of the high flying (literally) fairy jester. But perhaps the shining stars in an already brilliant cast are Nick Bottom and his band of sidesplitting players. Scott Wentworth, (Bottom) who somehow has the air of both Robert Dinero and Dustin Hoffman, along with his merry sidekicks, Jonathan David Visser, David A. Moss, Chris Butler, Dwight Bacquie, and Nick Bilardello gave us possibly the best account of Pyramus and Thisbe I have ever seen (props to props and costumes for that one as well).

Encore, my fair Fellows. Encore!


Experience it for yourself

Grab a bottle of your favorite wine, gather your loved ones and get yourself to the Glen. This fresh and magical adventure will have you reciting iambic pentameter before you know it. Consider arriving early, it was a packed house.

Tickets are available at SantaCruzTickets.com .

Reporter: Amber

Favorite Quotes:

“Pray, Faith! Don’t make me play a woman, I have a beard coming!”
–Francis Flute ~ AKA Thisbe

“Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!”