Cruzio celebrated the beginning of construction (re-construction?) of the Sentinel Building this morning. Our partners in the building, Ecology Action and Joe Appenrodt, were a part of the festivities and the community joined us too! About 50 guests were there, by our count.

Many local luminaries were in attendance, such as Cynthia Matthews, Neal Coonerty, Chip, Katherine Beiers, Ron Slack, Fred Keeley and many more. Yes, we are name-dropping: we were so impressed with the illustrious turnout.

Bruce and Fred McPherson spoke briefly but graciously about the history of the building and were generous in their passing of the baton: the McPherson family built a grand building for their newspaper. We are very lucky that they did, and it’s a privilege to relocate there.

If only Cruzio had already built out the fast data network coming this September, perhaps the Sentinel’s main office could have stayed in downtown Santa Cruz. Too late for that; but we hope our new infrastructure will help other businesses to stay and encourage many more to come! Gigabit Internet, folks. In September.

Many thanks to Chuck (the Master of Ceremonies!), Bill and Anna from Ecology Action, and to our Cruzio team of Mike, Westi and Kacey for putting on a spiffy event.

Here are some photos:

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