Cruzio/Hope Services E-Waste Recycling Day

Saturday, January 21st, 2012
9 am–3 pm
HOPE Services
220 Lincoln Street, Santa Cruz

(see a map)

It’s time to do a little winter cleaning. No, don’t stress!

Just take a look in your closet. Do you see an old VCR tucked behind some moth-eaten sweaters? Check your garage. Is that a broken fax machine, there between the splintery boards with rusty nails and the cans of half-dried Antique White paint? Did you shelve a vintage computer (or just some parts)? Got a collection of mysterious, miscellaneous cables and cords?

Haul out that electronic clutter, and get ready to bring it downtown. Here’s the time and place you can drop it all off, and feel that liberating rush. Whoo-ee!


Which electronics are recyclable?

All kinds of electronic flotsam will be accepted. If you’re not sure what you can bring, see the complete list of recyclable electronics.

Lots of benefits to e-cycling

The great thing is that your electronic trash will get recycled the right way. You don’t want the stuff to end up in a landfill where desperate folks scavenge and get sick from the highly toxic chemicals. You don’t want some unscrupulous person to get hold of your old computer’s hard drive, and then steal your private data.

The recyclers follow accountable procedures. They’re expert e-cyclers. They’ll protect your privacy by smashing any hard drives beyond repair, and they’ll break down everything into its recyclable parts and materials.

And here’s an extra reason to feel good about dropping off your e-waste: any proceeds will benefit HOPE Services, an important local nonprofit.

For more information, please call 831-600-1510.

Let’s do this thing!

Mark your calendar. Help your community. Reclaim closet space. See you there.

Just thinking about it, I’m starting to get that decluttering rush!