Just recently, Cruzio Internet has had the opportunity to house workshops for Etsy, a worldwide interactive marketplace, hosting their new “Craft Entrepreneurship Program.”  This remarkable program was brought to Santa Cruz in Cruzio’s coworking facility, CruzioWorks!


Santa Cruz County was one of three locations in the U.S that was recently able to host these Etsy driven workshops that will help creative men and women transform their artistic talents into successful businesses.

Since Etsy reaches an international market, this program presents an opportune time for local artists and artisans to gain worldwide exposure. Etsy’s program teaches professional techniques for selling a variety of unique, handmade goods by sharing their expertise on how to best present their quality craftsmanship. The classes are free of charge, and awards the participants with Etsy Certification which has shown to helpfully boost the sales of those who are granted the credential.

An educational based curriculum has been set up to give artists the tools they need to successfully market their goods.  The online platform Etsy provides has done well to level the playing field with big corporations, and has empowered creative individuals who need an outlet to promote their goods.  As a result, many have been inspired to pursue the work they are passionate about, in some instances, the work has matured into their primary profession. One of the primary goals in hosting these workshops is to encourage artistic visions in the Santa Cruz community by showing that they can in fact make additional income, and even a living from doing what they love.

Participants get directly involved through a hands-on process, which prepares people to prosper in the “Etsy Economy” that has been built over the last decade.  It’s a great way to share ideas and strategies that have worked well for others, while also allowing new creative methods to flourish.  The program always has its doors open to those interested in joining, teaching, or learning more about how to be a part of this blossoming Etsy Economy.

Cruzio is very grateful for the opportunity to support the expansion of Etsy’s professional atmosphere in Santa Cruz through CruzioWorks. The ultimate goal is to help the new Etsy Program tap into the extraordinary local talent that exists here in the Santa Cruz County.  Not only will this entrepreneurial workshop help benefit the local economy, but it will promote Santa Cruz businesses and startups in this industry, who are eagerly looking to thrive.