The beginning of the summer has seen Cruzio Internet go into full drive delivering high speed Internet distribution in Santa Cruz County. In the last year, Cruzio has introduced a new enterprise-level, 100 Mbps broadband service to multiple locations in Santa Cruz and plans to expand even further. The Cruzio Certified Building Program is designed to provide building owners and their tenants access to the fastest broadband services available.

Just this past January, Cruzio launched  a 100 Mbps wifi hotspot to the Tannery’s Art Bar & Cafe. By June, working with the John Stewart Company, Cruzio had not only expanded that same level of service throughout the Tannery’s studio suites, but also to all the residential quarters. Residents of the Tannery Art Center can now enjoy exceptional high speeds at a very competitive price, making the Tannery a Cruzio-Certified building. Residents who sign up before the end of July will have one full month of service free.

Tannery Cert. 7:21

You may have heard about the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History’s successful efforts to transform the lovely Abbott Square, just adjacent to the museum, into a creative metropolis. In addition to the beautiful sculptures, ergonomic outdoor furniture and the numerous rotating cultural projects on display, the square will also be supplied with a 100 Mbps Cruzio wifi hotspot later this month! Patrons can now enjoy their coffee, lunch and day out with blazing-fast Internet speeds.

In addition to the Tannery Art Center and the McPherson Center, Cruzio has worked with numerous property owners and managers in making their locations Cruzio-Certified. New buildings to join the Cruzio Certified Building network are: 1010 Fair Avenue, 402 Ingalls Street, 555 Soquel Avenue and 1001 Center Street. There is also a queue of buildings soon to become Cruzio-Certified in the next couple of months.

About Cruzio

Cruzio is one of the largest independent Internet service providers in California and a registered Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) with a significant market share (about 9,000 households and businesses in Santa Cruz County) and over a 25-year history of reliability and responsiveness to customers.