One of the biggest perks of the Cruzioworks Community is our always-enlightening Bounce Hour.

Every Thursday at 10:30am, Cruzioworks members and their guests are invited to join us for engaging conversations ranging from political discussions led by numerous city council candidates, to simulations that show the factors that could lead to the end of civilization as we know it. Plus, there’s free snacks and coffee for everyone that shows up.

Today, we wanted to give you a sneak peak into exactly what you can expect from Bounce Hour if you decide to become a member yourself. Yesterday, Cruzioworks member Alex Lamb gave us an in-depth, and often darkly hilarious look into how data modeling can help us predict the future of the human race. Take a look:

Alex spoke about how he uses data to predict human behavior and explain how society as a whole makes decisions. He showed jaw-dropping models demonstrating everything from the dangers of using social media as news, to how commerce, white collar crime, and global unification can actually lead to modern civilization’s demise. But, throughout the whole discussion, he maintained hope for the future of the human race and discussed how we can avoid disaster moving forward.

Bounce Hours are only one of the many benefits to becoming a member of the Cruzioworks coworking community. As a 24/7 Member, you can also enjoy full around-the-clock access to our state-of the-art coworking hub. There, you’ll have access to our lightning-fast gigabit-speed fiber internet, well-appointed meeting rooms, and our on-site organic cafe — All starting at $179 a month. And if you only need to work normal business hours, we also have 9-5 memberships for just $129 a month.

Enjoy enlightening Bounce Hour discussions like Alex’s and the other Cruzioworks perks by signing up for a membership!