Digital NEST Group Shot

Here at Santa Cruz Fiber, we believe that high-speed, affordable internet should be available to everyone. So it always makes us happy to hear when local organizations and businesses in the community are using these services to do great things. That’s why we want to take the time to recognize some of these achievements in our community in what we’re calling the #fiberforall Spotlight. For our first feature, we want to recognize the excellent work being done at Digital NEST.

Located in Watsonville right now, Digital NEST acts as a place for young adults 18-24 years old to have free access to computers, wi-fi, state of the art digital tools and classes–all for free. Their goal is to help young minds flourish, and to help them gain technical skills to find careers in the tech industry when they’re ready.

The Infosys Foundation recently gave Digital NEST founder Jacob Martinez the opportunity to tell them his thoughts on helping a team of NEST members get into the CSin3 accelerated Computer Science degree program at Hartnell College and CSU Monterey Bay. It’s a very compelling story, and it shows just how important Digital NEST’s work is. It’s giving the tools to succeed to a group of highly-motivated people that wouldn’t have the same opportunities otherwise.

Four of the students who were recently accepted into the acclaimed CSin3 program

High speed internet is an integral piece of helping them succeed in their mission. “High speed internet is no longer a privilege but a fundamental necessity, to ensure every individual has equal access to information and a voice in today’s global economy,” says Jacob. We totally agree.

We want to thank Digital NEST for their excellent mission to empower the next generation of tech leaders. Santa Cruz Fiber stands behind you 100% of the way.