Frequently Asked Questions About Cruzio’s Email Upgrade

Q. What happened?
A. On May 22nd, 2018, Cruzio did a major upgrade of our email software. So there are new settings for some programs and a new Webmail interface. It’s a big improvement but could require some patience as you adapt to the new situation. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we think you’ll like the changes!

Q. What email addresses are affected? 
A. Email addresses ending in the following domain names are affected. Other addresses don’t have to make changes:

Q. What’s the fastest way to get my email? 
A. Go to Cruzio Webmail. All you need is a login and password (and if you forget the password, you can retrieve one).

Q. I’m getting a broken link when I try to get to my email. What do I do?
A. Try turning your computer (or phone, or tablet) and your modem or router off, wait 30 seconds, and turn them on again. It might be that you’ve got old information lingering in your software and this will clear it out.

Q. Why is my mailbox so much smaller?
A. The new email system is removing way more spam. That means your main mailbox will have less email in it, and the Spam mailbox will have more.

Q. I am having trouble accessing my email in my usual way. What should I do?
A. To get to your email right now, go to Cruzio Webmail. It’s all set up already. You only need your login to get full access to your email.

Q. But I like my other email programs.
A. They will all work! To set up other ways of getting email, like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and other apps on your phone or tablet, we have a full set of handy instructions here. It will only take a few minutes, but we know sometimes that’s even too long, so use Cruzio Webmail if you have any trouble or you are in a hurry.

Q. I already made the settings changes and my mail program still isn’t working!
A. If you have already updated your settings and you still can’t get your mail, even if a Cruzio tech walked you through it or did it for you, you probably just need to reboot your networking equipment. Turn your modem and router off, wait a few seconds, and turn them back on. This should fix the problem.

Q. Can I get more help?
A. We are ready to help you. We’ve moved over 7,000 mailboxes to the new system and we know there will be people needing assistance. So let us know what’s going on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We also have staff (and you know our staff are friendly and knowledgeable!) on hand from 10 am to 5 pm every weekday at our front desk. If you bring in your phone, laptop, tablet, or computer, we’ll be glad to set it up with you, no appointments needed. If 10 to 5 doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll work it out.

Q. What are the improvements?
A. You’ve got more storage for saved email (20GB).  Bigger messages are permitted (35MB). Better spam filtering. A better way to read email with your web browser (Cruzio Webmail). And on the back end, where you can’t see it, a more robust and redundant system. 

Q. What about privacy, security, net neutrality?
A. Cruzio has the same standards we always have. Your email isn’t harvested for marketing material. Your personal information isn’t collected for sale. That’s never going to change.

Q. Any danger that email was lost while Cruzio moved it?
A. No. We had a redundant system during the change. We’ve moved the mailboxes to a different server, but on our side, everything is there ready for you. You just have to point your email program to the new server, if you haven’t already.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of messages I can send?
A. To protect against spammers, our system limits each user to sending to 500 recipients in any 24 hour period. This is 500 recipients, not 500 messages. If you need to send more messages than that, we recommend using a full-featured mailing list service like MailChimp. Mailchimp is free for up to 2000 mailing list members and up to 12,000 messages per month. It is what we use for the Cruzio newsletter.

Cruzio Webmail

Q. How do I change the size of the font in Cruzio Webmail?
A.  Click ‘Settings’ in the menu bar and then ‘font settings’ in the left-hand pane. From here you can increase the base font size up to 16px.

Q. I’m trying Webmail. My “sent” folder is missing some or all of the email that used to be in it.  What’s up?
A. It’s likely that the name of that folder in Webmail is just different from the name of the folder in your other email program. Sometimes it’s as simple as “Sent” vs “sent.”

To find the other “sent” emails, look through the folders. You’ll probably see another folder in the list that contains that mail.

Then, to change the name in Cruzio Webmail to match your other email program:

  1. Click “Settings” in Webmail.
  2. Click “Preferences” on the left.
  3. Click “Special Folders”.
  4. Adjust the “Sent Items” drop down to match the sent folder you used before.

Q. My messages have weird time and date stamps on them. What should I do?
A. This usually happens if javacript isn’t available on your computer. It’s easy to set manually:

  1. Click “Settings” in Webmail.
  2. Click “Preferences” on the left.
  3. Click “User Interface” on the center pane.
  4. Adjust the time zone to reflect your location. Santa Cruz is -08:00GMT.

And if you set it manually, don’t forget that you’ll have to do that again if you take the device to a different time zone!

Q. How do I select multiple messages at once?
A.  If all of the messages you want to select are contiguous, you can click the first message, hold down the Shift key, and then click the last message. The first and last messages all messages in between are selected. If the messages are not contiguous, hold down the Ctrl key and then click each of the messages you want to select.

Q. How do I customize my spam settings?
A. The default settings will deliver spam to your Spam folder. You don’t need to do anything to get it started. If a spam message reaches your inbox, tag it as spam by selecting it and clicking the ‘Spam’ button on the menu bar. If you navigate to your spam folder and see any legitimate message sin there, select them and click ‘Not Spam’ in the menu bar.

Q. Can I white-list people I don’t want sent to spam?
A. To block or allow specific email addresses or domains, click ‘Settings’ in the menu bar and then ‘Spam Settings’ in the left-hand pane. You can add up to 1000 entries in each Allowed and Blocked list. Note: Domain names must be preceded by *@ (for example, *, otherwise they will not work.

Q. How do I empty my email trash folder?
A.  Click the Trash folder in the left-hand pane, select all messages and click ‘Delete’ in the menu bar. If you do nothing, anything in your Trash folder will be deleted automatically after 7 days.

Accounts and Billing

Q. I notice you are charging for mailboxes that used to be free. My family/business has been using multiple email addresses for years and can’t afford to start paying for all of them. What can I do?
A. The first step is to clean out any email addresses you aren’t using. For the rest, although we’re raising the price, each mailbox is only $60 per year, so consider whether it may be worth the cost. There are no contracts required, you can cancel any time. If that doesn’t make sense, we have many low-cost options which can help, including free email forwarding. Please contact us, we’ll work it out!

Q. I didn’t even know I had these mailboxes. Can you tell me what’s in them?
A. We won’t read your email but we’ll help you do it: Cruzio can reset your passwords if you contact us and provide proper identification.

Q. I want to close a mailbox. What happens to all the mail?
A. Before you close an email address, you’ll need to make sure you’ve downloaded any data you want to keep to your computer or other device. Cruzio will keep the email for 21 days past the date the service is closed, so you will have a last chance to restore data if there’s something you have missed.

Q. I have to download all my email? How do I do that?
A. The download happens on the customer side, so Cruzio can’t do it for you. But we do have instructions and advice for you, and the process should be pretty easy. If it’s a complicated case, we’re happy to recommend a consultant. And remember, if it’s taking you a while to figure it out, the cost to keep a mailbox is only $5 per month.

Q. I use the email address as a login for services that are important to me like Facebook and my bank. Or people I’ve lost touch with have that address and might try to contact me someday. What should I do?
A. We kept the per-mailbox cost low so that you can keep an email address or transition from it very slowly. We’re also providing forwarding so that email to one of your addresses can be received in another mailbox — free of charge. Contact us for advice if you need it!

Q. I liked the old interface. I’m used to it. Why did you change?
A. Technology moves forward pretty relentlessly, as everyone working at Cruzio knows. There are just a lot of issues that older email clients don’t handle well. We think you’ll really like the new interface.

Q. New email interface! I’m excited! But does that mean I need to change the settings in my email readers?
A. Yes, you’ll need to change them on all the devices you use to send and receive email. Instructions are here. The only way to access your email without modifying your settings is to use your web browser to access Cruzio Webmail.

Q. I have a million questions.
A. We’re happy to answer them. If you ask a good one we’ll add it to this FAQ! Contact us.