Once a year Cruzioworks opens its doors to the community, showcasing local art, food, beer, and wine free to all visitors. We call it the Open House Extravaganza since all our coworkers can join in — it’s a big, big party with multiple hosts.

2018’s 8th annual party went swimmingly, and we say that because the theme was “Under the Sea.”

We introduced our new fiber optic mascot, the Fiberopticpus, beautifully depicted by our ultra-talented graphics artist Ani Bilgutay. We’d planned to just use it for this party, but it’s so great we’re going to keep Fiberopticpuses around in our future ads and decorations.

Octopuses were everywhere: dangling from the ceiling along with fish and shells. And there was a giant inflatable whale. The music system played “Under the Sea” and “Octopus’s Garden” — among other tunes so as not to go overboard.

This year we invited folks to try a trivia game. Families and groups of friends gathered at tables, working on the questions, which were (purposely) incredibly hard. No one got 100%!

Want to try the quiz? Test Yourself: Cruzio’s Fiberopticpus Trivia Quiz.

Pictures of the party below. We can’t wait till next year, our 30th Anniversary!

Playing trivia at OHE 2018Visitors enjoying art and working on the trivia quiz


lite brite at the OHECoworking champs Jolokia displayed a giant Lite Bright


OHE 2018

First place prize in the trivia contest was a giant inflatable whale!


Trivia winners and prize The trivia winners: first and second place, with the whale