Piedmont Court, Santa Cruz

We like surprises — like gigabit internet in Victorian-era buildings

There’s a beautiful, historic apartment building where High and Highland Streets meet on Santa Cruz’s West Side, called the Piedmont Court. We think it ranks with the prettiest in town.

Now every resident of that building can get gigabit internet for just $30 per month. And $30 is not a temporary price — it’s the real price! It’s extra low because their apartment management did a group buy of Cruzio Internet.

Putting new communications infrastructure in hundred-plus-year-old-buildings is challenging, but when you aim to serve everyone in Santa Cruz it’s a necessity. Cruzio has installed new wiring in every style of house from Spanish to Craftsman to Victorian to tilt-up concrete, working with attention and care.

We’re Always Upgrading Elderly Buildings

Some other historic buildings Cruzio has wired include the Santa Cruz Civic Center, Loudon Nelson, the Museum of Art and History, the Leonard Building, and little Victorian houses all over town. We’ve even brought wireless internet to the Wharf and the Lighthouse. With Cruzio’s fiber construction, some of the oldest, funkiest buildings in town get some of the fastest internet in the USA.

In our list of Victorian-era construction sites, we’ll include the streets of Santa Cruz, under which our fiber optic cables are laid. Beneath the streets is a maze of vital, in-use infrastructure along with ancient, long-abandoned, unmarked pipes — some of them made of redwood! Like working in a fragile Victorian house, when we drill underground we run into a lot of maze- and puzzle-like situations.

Even Cruzio’s own headquarters, in downtown Santa Cruz, is old. Our building once housed the local newspaper — The Sentinel — with its hard-bitten reporters shouting into rotary phones as they took slugs of bourbon from bottles stashed in desk drawers. That was state-of-the-art communications in the mid-20th century. The building’s a dinosaur: a “tilt-up” with 10-inch-thick concrete walls lightly decorated with crushed rock. It’s bulky and old-fashioned, but we equipped it with the best internet in the county: 10 gigabits per second, straight from the internet backbone. That’s the firehose of bandwidth we distribute around Santa Cruz County. We get tremendous speed here.

Cruzio building

Try to install internet throughout this cast-concrete sucker! Cruzio did it.

And if your multi-tenant site works with us, we can help you as well. Your building — or your condo or community HOA — could have premier service and discounted prices like sweet old-fashioned hyper-fast Piedmont Court.