Cruzio Internet account center

Our friendly front desk is closed for the duration of the shelter in place. Seemed like a good time to remind everyone that, if you need to make any changes to your account or pay your bill, our spiffy account portal allows you to do all that from the comfort of your favorite chair.

How, you ask?

1/ Head over to or go to and click the little credit card icon on the upper right. Next to the envelope. To the left of ‘Contact Us’. Above the Search bar. You’ll see it.

2/ Once you’re there, click ‘Login’ in the upper-left corner.

3/ If you’ve been here before and by some miracle remember your login and password, enter them and click ‘login’. If you remembered them right, you’re in. Jump ahead to item 5.

If you don’t have a login or don’t remember, what’s next has a couple of steps. That’s annoying, but two things: One, it’s really not that bad, just a few steps. And two, it’s all to protect your account. Good protection has to put up barriers. And you only need to do it once. Now, on to the next steps…

4a/ If you don’t know your login, click the link on the right that reads, “request new login credentials via email by clicking here.” Then enter the email address associated with your account and we’ll email that address right away with a reset code. The email will have the subject line, “Login ID Reset Request” and contain a six digit code.

Enter that code, a login ID of your choice and a password into the form you’re directed to and click ’submit’. Passwords must be 7+ characters in length and must include: one number, one special character, and upper or lower case alphabetic characters. We know, right? If your password doesn’t check all those boxes, you’ll get an error in obnoxious red text. Try again.

Once you’re in, skip on down to item 5.

(If you get a different error in obnoxious red text saying ‘DuplicateLoginID’, that means you actually have been here before and that login already exists. Either create a new login or go back to the main login screen and follow the link to reset password. You can create a new login using the same email address.)

4b/To reset your password, from the login screen, click where it says, “Forgot your password? If so request a new one via email by clicking here.”. Enter your login id and you’ll receive an email very similar to the new ID request email, with another six digit code. Enter that code in the form and pick a new password. You’ll automatically be logged in.

5/ Once you’re logged in you’ll see links to view any saved payment methods, make a payment or look at your bill. 

6/ To pay your bill click ‘make payment’, choose the payment method, enter the payment amount and hit ’make payment’.

You’re done. You’ll get a receipt via email. Thanks for supporting local, independent broadband.